Falls Instagram because of TikTok

Links on Tik Tok: Does the platform solve the problem with the "Link in Bio"?

"Link in Bio": We all know this saying from Instagram. But the problem does not only exist on this platform. There are even fewer options on Tik Tok. But now the first accounts are given the option to set links to Tik Tok.

For many marketing managers, branding is still a difficult topic. If a channel or a platform does not offer a direct possibility to set links and thus generate leads, doubts often still grow.

Links on Tik Tok and Instagram: still in short supply

This is why some marketing managers find it difficult to recognize the importance of Instagram. Because although the platform with ads, links in the stories from 10,000 followers and a single link in the profile offers the possibility of linking, the options are limited.

Of course, this is especially true in comparison to the parent company Facebook. Building a brand is a long-term process. The fast sales from the performance sector only come with time. Still, it's of course reckless to completely ignore branding.

A similar picture emerges on Tik Tok. In contrast to Instagram, there is no way at all to include external links.

Therefore, many accounts on the platform are going to anchor non-clickable links in the profile. At least in theory there is hope that interested users will take the trouble to manually enter the link in their browser.

Will “Link in Bio” conquer the next platform?

But this problem could soon be resolved. After all, Tik Tok is currently testing different display options for an external link with several large accounts. This is what the social media expert Jan Firsching reports.

At the moment, the emerging platform is probably also concerned with finding the right look. For example, the profiles from Puma and theWashington Post about different placements.

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These are verified profiles. Nevertheless, the work on the project reveals that all users may look forward to an external link on their own profile within the next few months.

Then it should only be a matter of time before the slogan “Link in Bio” conquers the next channel. And not only that: From a legal perspective, it is important for brands and companies, especially in Germany, to link to their imprint. This is currently not possible.

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