Can we build a cheap gaming PC?

Gaming PC: Build it yourself or buy a complete system?


The dream of many gamers: their own high-performance Hign end PC. The question quickly arises whether you should build it yourself or buy a complete system. Netzwelt explains the advantages and disadvantages of both variants below.

  1. Build it yourself or a complete system: which is better?
  2. You should pay attention to this
    1. Tips for Buying a Complete System
    2. Tips for building a PC
  3. The alternative: configure and assemble your PC

Owning your own gaming PC is every gamer's dream. But which hardware should it bring, how high are the costs for such a system and the most important question: build it yourself or buy a complete system?

Build it yourself or a complete system: which is better?

There is no generally valid answer to this question. Rather, it depends on your skills and your technical understanding. Because screwing your own gaming PC together requires a little manual skill. Do you have this or do you have a friend who can help you with the assembly, you better screw your PC together yourself.

Be aware, however, that this is time-consuming and sometimes requires the purchase of suitable tools. But with a good eye for bargains, you can lower the price for your desired setup.

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However, pay attention to compatibility when selecting the components. If you buy hardware carelessly, it is possible that in the worst case it is incompatible with one another or that it slows one another down. In the case of complete systems, however, the hardware is coordinated with one another. If you have little time, are only moderately skilled or do not want to deal with PC hardware in detail, it is better to opt for a complete system.

Many manufacturers from the gaming sector such as MSI, Asus, Acer, Corsair or Alienware now offer powerful complete PC systems. These are sold through the usual dealers such as Notebooksbilliger, Mindfactory, Amazon, Saturn, MediaMarkt or Otto.

The disadvantage of these, however, is the limited choice of configurations. In terms of price, a complete PC system does not always have to be the better choice. On the other hand, you have a permanent contact person should something go wrong with your PC.

You should pay attention to this

Regardless of whether you choose the "Do It Yourself" method or the complete system, in both cases there are many things that you should consider before buying. We have put together a few tips for you below.

Tips for Buying a Complete System

If you are looking for a good and affordable complete PC system, you should use price comparison websites such as These will help you find the best deals.

Also ask yourself if you want to upgrade the system later. If so, find out about upgrade options on the manufacturer's website or at the dealer. Can the RAM be upgraded, the graphics card replaced, or the hard drive replaced? If you clarify these questions beforehand, this will save you a lot of trouble later.

Tips for building a PC

If, on the other hand, you are open to PC construction, you should consider the following things. If you set up your PC from scratch, plan enough time depending on the hardware installed. The right tool, such as in tool kits from iFixit, should also be available. Also use sites like or other price search engines to find the best offers for the desired components.

Also pay attention to the compatibility of the individual hardware components. Therefore, inform yourself in detail on the manufacturer's website about possible restrictions. If you don't do this, you may equip your setup with a strong graphics card and a weak processor. This creates a bottleneck that can reduce the overall performance of the PC.

The alternative: configure and assemble your PC

If this is too much work for you and if a complete system is too limited, you can fall back on a popular alternative. You can configure your PC at providers and have it assembled there. You will then receive the fully assembled setup delivered to your home. Below we have listed a few providers who offer such a service:

These are of course only a small part of the providers who assemble a PC for you and send it home. The PCs are assembled according to your wishes and if a component is not compatible, you will be informed directly on the website in the configurator or the provider will contact you.

If you have special requests or if you need more advice, the dealers will usually help you. Understandably, these PC builds are more expensive than if you put them together yourself. Finally, you will also be billed for the assembly.

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