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Men and bras

Lascana - Shell bra Ela

A bra is atypical for a man and, at first glance, actually dispensable.

Most women, on the other hand, (usually) always need a well-fitting bra. Particularly with slightly larger bust sizes, this should be taken into account, for example to prevent back pain. The selection of bras is gigantic and probably much larger than that of fine tights. For this reason alone, several pages would be necessary to deal with this topic.

Because so many women walk around with the wrong or badly fitting bra, good advice in a specialist shop is all the more important. A bra should normally fit inconspicuously, i.e. neither constricting nor sagging. It should safely absorb the weight of the breasts and help to create a great look.

With a man, however, it is different. There is (usually) nothing to hold onto, although many men can easily fill a C-cup. But even in these cases I advise you to seek advice. Especially when the bra is really necessary.

Bras just like that

In all other cases, e.g. when a man wears a bra because he likes it or because he completes his feminine feeling / outfit, it is time to try, inform and test (try on). Because where there is nothing, there is nothing to fill out. In other words, a half-cup bra, in contrast to a full-cup bra, will certainly look stupid and you will not enjoy it. The best example of this are push ups. After all, you should form a great cleavage. But where do you get it from? So in the worst case only a gap remains visible.

Very good results can be achieved with preformed and lined full cup bras (so-called sweater bras), such as the bra shown in the picture above. They conjure up beautiful breasts even without filling (insoles) and bring the experience of 'female breast' closer in a very realistic way and in a deceptively real way. This means that the cups are relatively thick and stable, so that a normal tight sweater cannot impress anything - the look remains in full beauty.

Different cups

To get an idea of ​​the dimensions of what is possible, I measured it myself:
With an underbust circumference of approx. 88 cm and a chest circumference of 93 cm (1.6 cm chest), approx. 97 - 98 cm chest circumference (without filling) are possible with preformed cups at 85 B or 90 A. Assuming I was round (a circle), that would be a difference of approx. 3.2 cm, which can be reached as a chest (measured approx. 4 cm). It's not overly big, it's just beautiful.

With a bra in size 85 AA, I have around 2 mm of space between the breast and the cup. So ideal for my everyday use (see below).
A further 2 cm chest circumference is covered for each cup size. Thus, with my circle assumption, approx. 0.35 cm or actually 0.5 cm are achievable, which makes the breast larger.

A good summary of this can be found at Triumph.

Why and why should a man wear a bra?

Simple answer: because he likes it, likes it or is even necessary.

Many men are actually dependent on a bra because of their physique, predisposition or drug side effects. Most of them just don't know that a bra would bring them relief. The majority of them would probably be ashamed and therefore do not do it. Actually unreasonable.

This "disease" is called gynecomastia. It is an (unwanted) growth of the glandular or fatty tissue of the breast. In principle, one could also add the muscular enlargement that can be achieved through appropriate equipment training. Another form is the oversensitivity of the nipples and the surrounding areas, which I had for a few months, for example. In my case, the pre-shaped cups brought relief because nothing touches the nipples and therefore nothing burns or itches.

For the fun of the bra

Since a bra is a typically feminine piece of clothing, it completes the feminine appearance. This means that it is necessary or useful in order to correspond to one's own ideal. It simply belongs to the female outfit. Looking in the mirror, touching your own chest, etc. is hard to describe.

Especially when other items of clothing from the women's sector are worn, such as dresses or blouses, appropriate cuts need to be filled. And that is only possible with the help of an appropriate bra.

There are certainly other reasons that speak in favor of a bra (also for men). - But it is like with all other clothes from the world of women: no man is forced to try this out for himself.

A matter of habit

Of course, I have to admit that I was a bit uncomfortable with a bra on the first day at work. But the advantage outweighed the problem and so the bra was a necessary evil at first. Really comfortable is different. But maybe it was just the wrong model or the wrong size. It's all just a matter of habit. Apart from that, I really like my new curves.

Should a bra be filled in?

That depends on how you feel. Normally my naturally filled 85 AA is enough for me (e.g. the Lascana Ela). If you want a little more, my push-ups in 85 AA and 85 A are just right, also without filling, but resiliently firm. In addition, a simple filling made of appropriately shaped old fine stockings is enough for me personally.

In addition, silicone breasts are also available that can easily fill any bra cups. These have the advantage of not having to rely on full cup bras. However, I cannot say what the respective optics are and how the different sizes and weights affect.

How much breast it should be in the end, everyone has to test for themselves.



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  • I love wearing bras. Have been doing it for several years. Often wear a bra lined in 95b with small balloons filled with water. I can show a beautiful big breast like this. In some shops the women already know me and smile at me when I show them my bosom with my jacket or vest open. Sometimes I rock my hands on my breasts, a wonderful feeling for me. The desire for my own real breasts grew stronger and stronger for me. That is why I have been taking capsules with soy and red clover blossom extract every day for the last few months. And indeed, I have small breasts and now wear a Lascana cup bra in 95 AA from time to time. It sits beautifully and gives me a feeling of security. The nipples, which often tickle or itch under my shirt, are so nicely protected that I don't want to do without bras anymore. Many greetings - Lothar
  • I also wear bras under my clothes now and then. I find the feeling of the material on the chest indescribably beautiful. What I notice in myself is the balance when I have a bra on. I (man) fill out an 85A with my chest, sometimes an 85AA, depending on the cut. Some women don't have a bust and wear bras, so why shouldn't I be able to wear one? It's just normal for women, which is unfortunately not the case with men. I'm working hard now to teach it to my wife as gently as possible, but I think she's already suspecting something. The other day I wore a bra again. About half an hour before I went to the bathroom, however, I took it off. The marks on the skin could still be seen. I knew my wife was in the bathroom and went in too. After taking off my shirt and standing there shirtless, I waited a little longer and I think she discovered the bra prints. She looked at me for a long time and just grinned to herself. She didn't say anything, but my impression was that she noticed. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to speak openly with her about it yet, but I will. She knows all about the tights, which I also like to wear. I had waited for a suitable opportunity and it happened to catch me putting on tights. We have been very open about it ever since. I even walk around in tights at home from time to time, which I personally like to do sometimes and we get annoyed over and over again about a ladder when I have not cut my toenails or fingernails again. She even gives me tips. how to put on a pair of tights without running into a ladder. She just keeps saying, as long as I'm not sitting next to her in women's clothes, she doesn't care. Since my childhood I have been wearing my sister's women's or girls' underwear from time to time, of course secretly. One day I was putting on my sister's bikini when I suddenly heard someone coming up the stairs. Since I was only standing there wearing a bikini and there was no more time to wear anything, I stood behind the closet and held my sister's bathrobe in front of me. Of course, my grandma discovered me and she also saw the bikini wearers. Her only comment was, I just wanted to know what you're doing again. My grandma was just brilliant in that relationship. She didn't tell anyone either, which I still give her credit for today. As I got older and bigger, I looked in my mother's wardrobe for bras, girdles, corsets, tights, etc., everything that women already wore under them back then. Because even then I was fascinated by the indescribable feeling of lingerie on the skin. With my first earned money, I then buy my own lingerie. The only problem at the time was that there was no online delivery yet. But there was Quelle, Neckermann, etc. Then I had the things sent to my own apartment. When I met my girlfriend, my current wife, I disposed of the things and for a long time it wasn't a problem for me to suddenly walk around in men's underwear. I got used to it. But I never had the unique feeling that I was wearing lingerie. But at some point the need came back to feel the feeling of pantyhose on your legs. So I bought some again. At first I wore them secretly, but now quite officially, as already described above. My wife and I have come to terms with the shapewear (pants over my stomach to flatten it - smaller models in panty form so that the tights don't slip). She knows about that. Only with the bra I hold back, but As I said, I'll talk to her about it soon. What else I want to say: Our agreement says that I always have to take my wife out to dinner when I've bought another piece of lingerie, because she's officially still doing the bra don't know, there's definitely still a meal to go.

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