Which WordPress plugins are best for affiliate marketing?

4 ingenious WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates (+ alternative!)

Are your earnings stagnating with the Amazon affiliate program? Do you get a lot of visitors but nobody clicks on your links?

Then you urgently need to work on your click rate!

The simplest solution for this are affiliate plugins, with which you can use a shortcode or widget to integrate stylish product boxes and comparison tables with call-to-action buttons into your website.

This enabled me to increase my Amazon sales by 30-40% (compared to simple links).

In this article I will introduce you to the 4 best plugins. Plugins that I've been using for years and that have helped me earn more than € 200,000 as an Amazon affiliate since 2011.

At the end I will also introduce you to an alternative that I prefer to use to a plugin, especially for niche sites.

Please do not use the Amazon Associates Link Builder plug-in developed by Amazon under any circumstances! You will only have trouble with it because it is immature and full of flaws.


AAWP, short for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, is a plugin from the German developer Florian Daugalies.

I've been using it since 2016 and I'm very happy with it.

You can use shortcodes to integrate Amazon products into your website in the form of individual product boxes, bestseller lists or comparison tables.

Product information, such as B. Ratings, availability on Prime and prices are updated automatically. The date of the last update is displayed under the boxes or tables.

The standard templates for product integration are very nicely designed and hardly require any additional design adjustments:

The configuration is quick and easy. AAWP is therefore very suitable for beginners.

The standard version of AAWP is priced at € 39.00 incl. VAT for one domain per year. There is a 50% discount on license renewals, which means that from the second year it costs only € 19.50.

AAWP can be used without personal data being stored by users. The product images can be delivered in the settings via a data protection proxy, which means that no IP addresses of users are stored on Amazon servers. You can find more about AAWP and the GDPR in the official documentation.

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2. AmazonSimpleAdmin (ASA 1)

AmazonSimpleAdmin, also called ASA 1, comes from the German developer Timo Reith and is by far the best free Amazon plugin for WordPress.

If your budget is small and it has to be a free solution, do yourself a favor and choose ASA 1 instead of Amazon Associates Link Builder.

I've been using it for a lot of my websites since 2011 (!)

It allows you to use a shortcode to integrate Amazon products into widgets, posts or pages.

The great thing about ASA 1 is that you can change the design of the products with the help of templates.

With so-called placeholders, which you integrate into the template together with HTML code, you can integrate a variety of different product data from Amazon, such as: B .:

  • Product name
  • price
  • Product images in different sizes
  • Customer ratings
  • Number of offers available on Amazon
  • the Amazon logo
  • Product description

Download AmazonSimpleAdmin now

3. Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA 2 Pro)

ASA 2 Pro is the premium version of AmazonSimpleAdmin and has a lot of additional features, such as: B .:

  • a better system for managing templates
  • Support for HTTPS
  • the creation of bestseller lists
  • logical operators in templates
  • the possibility of using more than one tracking ID for templates

An absolute highlight for me is the repository:

All Amazon products integrated via the plugin are listed there.

This allows you to see which products are still available and which are not. This relieves you of the tedious work of manually checking availability on a regular basis.

I also like that you can replace the stars for the customer reviews with nicer ones, edit the templates directly in an editor in WordPress and work with conditional instructions.

Compared to AAWP, ASA 2 Pro impresses with more customization options for templates and a larger range of functions.

However, it is a bit more complex to use and the templates do not look that fancy by default. AAWP is therefore more suitable for beginners, whereas ASA 2 Pro is more for advanced users who want to increase their income even further.

At $ 59 plus VAT per year for a single license, ASA 2 Pro is significantly more expensive than AAWP. However, there is a 30% discount on license renewals. So from the second year you only pay $ 41.30 plus VAT.

ASA 2 Pro can be used without personal data being stored by users. In the settings, you can specify that the product images are delivered via your own server, which means that no IP addresses of users are stored on Amazon servers. You can find out more about ASA 2 Pro and the GDPR in this blog post.

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4. WooZone (in combination with WooCommerce)

Do you want to set up your affiliate site like an online shop or do you want functions such as product rating, filtering or sorting?

Then it makes sense to implement your website using the free e-commerce plug-in WooCommerce and the $ 49 plug-in WooZone (formerly WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates).

The advantage of WooCommerce and WooZone lies in the range of functions, as you can benefit from dozens of useful WooCommerce extensions.

Another big plus:

Since version 12.5, the synchronization also works without the Amazon PA API. This means that you can use it even if you don't reach the minimum monthly number of sales.

The disadvantage of the plugin combination is that WooCommerce is actually a plugin that is designed for online shops and not for affiliate use.

That is why it requires various adaptations and extensions (e.g. adaptation of the button texts, the standard sorting functions, the tabs, the price display or an additional plug-in for product comparisons).

WooCommerce is also not exactly a lightweight and adds a number of CSS and JS files to your own website, which can worsen the loading time.

Another disadvantage is the maintenance of such a WordPress installation:

New functions are constantly being added to WooCommerce and it often happens that some functions are no longer available as usual after an update or that there are errors in the display or in the synchronization with Amazon.

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5th alternative: affiliatetheme.io

Affiliatetheme.io is a great alternative to one of the affiliate plugins mentioned.

Especially if you want to build a product-related niche site!

It is a theme that offers everything you can imagine to advertise affiliate products, such as: B .:

  • Create products
  • Filter, sort or compare products
  • Create price comparisons
  • Integrate products via shortcode
  • Create landing pages

I use it myself on my niche site outdoor-handys.com. The three integrated lists, the product filter and the landing page itself are functions that are integrated in the affiliate theme:

It also not only offers an interface to Amazon, but also to many other affiliate networks such as B. to eBay, TradeDoubler, affili.net, belboon, ADCELL and a few others.

With many theme options and a customizer, it is extremely versatile and does not require any programming knowledge to adapt.

It is also well programmed, loads quickly and if you have a problem with the theme, the support forum will help you quickly and competently.

At € 79 per year, it's a bit more expensive than AAWP or ASA 2 Pro. In return, you get a 50% discount on license renewals, so pay only € 39.50 from the second year onwards.

Buy affiliatetheme.io now

6. FAQ

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about plugins for Amazon affiliates:

6.1 What is the Amazon PA API?

The Amazon Product Advertising API (abbreviated PA API) is an interface to Amazon's product database.

You can z. B. call up the following product data:

  • Prices
  • Availability (in stock, out of stock)
  • Prime availability
  • Product length, size and weight
  • Shipping
  • Product description
  • Sales rank
  • Product images

You need access to the PA API to operate most of the Amazon plugins.

6.2 Why do I even need an Amazon plugin?

With an Amazon plugin you can design your affiliate links more beautifully and place them more prominently on your website, which means that they are clicked more often.

I get around 30 to 40% higher click rates and generate correspondingly higher advertising income.

6.3 Do the plugins still work after the Amazon PA API 4.0 has been switched off?

All WordPress plugins presented here will still work after March 9, 2020, when the PA API 4.0 will be switched off.

Because AAWP, ASA 1 and ASA 2 Pro already support the new PA API 5.0 and WooZone does not even need the PA API for product import.

Please note, however, that it may be necessary to delete your existing API keys and regenerate them once.

6.4 Do the affiliate plugins also work with WordPress.com?

In general, I cannot guarantee it. WordPress.com is very restrictive when it comes to choosing a plugin.

The plugin WooZone z. B. is on the list of incompatible plugins.

6.5 What are the limitations of the PA API?

In the first 30 days you have 8640 queries per day.

According to the Developer Guide, the number of your queries after the first 30 days are based on your affiliate sales over the past 30 days.

6.6 How do I get the API keys?

You can easily access the API keys via the PartnerNet at Tools> Product Advertising API> Manage your login details to generate.

It is no longer necessary to create an Amazon AWS account.

Please note that you have to use both the Access Key ID as well as the Secret Access Key need. The second should be saved separately somewhere, as you can only call it up for creation.