Why do people complain about the fat Thor

Thor 4 star Chris Hemsworth wouldn't be happy until there was an Oscar for muscles

Do gorgeous and muscular MCU performers with huge Instagram accounts need more recognition and attention in Hollywood? If we ask niche personality Chris Hemsworth, yes, absolutely.

In an interview with The Telegraph (via Buzz Feed), the Thor 4: Love and Thunder star complained about the low profile that low-fat and defined washboard bellies enjoy in public. Let's get to the bottom of this.

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Before Thor 4: Chris Hemsworth wants more muscle credit

In fact, Hemsworth places his polished self-care and fitness image in opposition to others Body attractions that mainstream cinema has to offer - without mentioning Joaquin Phoenix's joker performance (emaciated) or Christian Bale's "metamorphoses" (from very thin to overweight). He says:

Bodybuilding is seen as something vain. But when I'm about a big one Amount of unhealthy weight gain or become unhealthy thin, I'm likely to be perceived as a serious performer.

He continues to highlight the enormous physical exertion that he needs to be the Chris Hemsworth we know and even more: For Thor 4, the Australian wants to be as "strong and fit" as never before.

Training over the past 10 years is a full-time job. There is also a 12-hour shooting day - it's a fight. It's also incredibly satisfying - it can be compared to a professional athlete.

The thing is: Den Chris Hemsworth has special status in blockbuster cinema no one has ever denied. Last but not least, we at Moviepilot are great admirers of the Thor muscles. How many more times should we tell him that his muscles are great?

So: is the Marvel star really not getting enough recognition?

Well, Avengers: Infinity War devoted an entire scene to worshiping its muscles. In the fitness community, Hemsworth is considered a Showcase model for massive but aesthetic body building. Many recreational exercisers consider him a role model.

Hemsworth even used the muscle image as the basis for his own, very expensive fitness app. And Thor 4 colleagues Natalie Portman and Chris Pratt were impressed or intimidated by the mountains of Donnergott muscle when the Marvel blockbuster started shooting.

Everyone loves the thor muscles. But what is Chris Hemsworth's problem then?

Hemsworth complains about not getting enough recognition for his muscles, despite him Got a LOT of recognition for it. It's just not what he wants. She doesn't come from the right milieu.

Hooking Up: Chris Hemsworth in Thor 3

Hemsworth apparently wants the real thing artistic Echoed for his fitness achievements. As I said, he doesn't directly address the Joaquin Phoenix Oscar for Joker, but I think that's where the dog is buried. Hemsworth might be happy if it did Body Building Oscar would give.

Of course, he can complain about his public perception. But let's take a look at the position from which he complains.

It is true: Hemsworth's immaculate, bulky look limits the roles available to him. But that's the case with all actors. Not to mention actresses of a similar age who have to take what they can get a lot.

Hemsworth's look opens more doors than it closes. Hollywood throws opportunities at the Australianto act artistically, because no other actor currently combines leading man qualities, star appeal and comedy like Hemsworth (except perhaps Dwayne Johnson).

Thor 3: Decision Day - Anime Trailer (Japanese) HD

As a reminder, he has a leading Marvel role. With Tyler Rake, Netflix cut an action franchise for him. The MCU is his playground. Chris Hemsworth is an extremely privileged actor, to put it mildly.

The avenger Chris Hemsworth has it all, soon even an Oscar chance

What more does he want? What exactly does the 37-year-old mean when he says that he is not perceived as a serious performer. Exactly how serious can it be?

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​a character actor, Joker is a character drama despite his comic roots. The joker is a walking blemish and the thinness method of deepening your knowledge.

Hemsworth, on the other hand, inflated his extreme fitness approach aesthetic ideals and norms that are in great demand in Hollywood: The 1.90 tall, blonde, blue-eyed, white, heterosexual, hyper masculine man. He's not risking anything.

The Joker director Todd Phillips - yes, exactly - will soon be filming the Hulk Hogan biopic with Hemsworth, which Hemsworth could very well promote to Oscar realms. Chris Hemsworth looks like a god and still gets exciting character roles. Other performers can only dream of that. And Chris Hemsworth whines anyway.

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What do you think of Chris Hemsworth, where is his career going?