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I hope that I can also do some advertising for our upcoming event ?!

On behalf of our organizer, here is the original mail:

The Timechallenge as such was taken up as an idea and developed by me in 2007, back then under the name of Langstreckenmasters. The background was to find a name with which one could quickly do something. After a short time I came up with the name Timechallenge. This name in turn conceals the classic time races, both in the sprint and in the long-distance form.

Sprint races should last a maximum of 30 - 60 minutes and could also be divided into 2 individual racing events. The increase was the Timechallenge PRO, TCPRO for short.
There, the duration of the race should be at least 120 minutes and also include a driver change, if this is possible or the simulation allows it.
So in 2009 the first TCPRO was brought into the public eye. A promo video was quickly created and as a special gimmick a podium was developed by Frank Hermann (also an active iRacing driver), which I built on the Mid Ohio track (from VirtuaLM).

To honor the field of drivers, we decided to hold an additional event, which was broadcast via live stream. There the drivers and sponsors were introduced, who were able to present their skins, which were modulated with great attention to detail. At the premiere, the new series was a lot of fun and joy.
TCPRO used the rFactor simulation every four hours, including team changes. The individual events were a great success, both for the teams and the spectators.

No one less than Lutz Enger, who is known for having seen the bigger picture of his own league projects early on, asked us (Achim Ennenbach, who also designed the TCPRO logo, Joachim Politzer and me) whether we could imagine them To continue running TCPRO in a slightly modified form as "Multileague". We didn't think twice, we haunted our hands and started. This created a great community that enjoyed long-distance races in all forms. The “Multileague” has been continued very successfully to this day at www.sim-racing.org ('http://www.sim-racing.org').

After a break, I would like to restart the iRacing simulation. Since no driver change has yet been implemented in iRacing, but we assume that this feature will be available at some point, I don't want to wait any longer and set the course for an exciting long-distance festival and Lutz Enger's idea of ​​starting a cross-league racing series, pursue further.

Here at Racemore.de, in my opinion, I have found the right place to start this project. Why not in one of my older supervised leagues, will one or the other question arise? I can give you an answer that says that I just like the basic idea here at Racemore.de. Joy and fun for everyone, no matter where they are at home in terms of league technology. Everyone comes here, meets great enthusiastic sim racers and a good organization, but remains loyal to their actual community after, for example, an x3Cups event.

Sounds a bit superficial at first glance, but it isn't, because Racemore.de has its own charm in my opinion.
Since I consider this basis to be optimal as the basis for the orientation of the TCPRO, it will now see the light of day again here. A resurrection, so to speak.

What you can expect in this TCPRO 2012 is a mix of the well-known real racing series ADAC GT Masters and the FIA ​​GT. For the time being we will race for a maximum of 120 minutes, which corresponds roughly to a stint in a e.g. 4h long-distance race.

The team idea is in the foreground. Register a team and present your own leagues, for which you can advertise on your vehicles and in the stream. I will present your websites and, if necessary, also conduct interviews with those responsible in the live stream.

We will of course offer you a stream for every race with the support of Steffen Uhlmann from Racemore.de at my side.

We will also start a special event where you can present your teams and vehicles, but also personal sponsors. The special event will of course also be broadcast live.
In addition to the actual TCPRO race, there will be a separate qualification which will be held a week before the actual race. (2x 4 hours length) This is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to complete their qualifying round in a relaxed manner and then to prepare for the race a week later.

With all these ideas I would like to hopefully meet you at the right place on your sim racing nerve and hope you will support this idea and secure a place in the TCPRO 2012.

I would like to thank Racemore.de especially the admins for their support!

Micha Morgenthal

Further links: TCPRO 2012 - announcement ('http://racemore.de/community/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=562')
TCPRO 2012 - registration ('http://racemore.de/community/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=569') >>> TENDER TCPRO 2012 <<< ('http://rgw-racing.de/downloads/ tcpro_promotion_2012.pdf ') (PDF)

We would be happy to welcome one or the other from gtrp.de there!

looks thoughtful and well organized.
the only thing is: 2 hours are too long for me :( I can only do that for a while
I would personally find the one-hour "sprint race" much more interesting: yes:

Hello Tom,

We will certainly be offering something in this direction again soon! But I'll write something about that again when the time comes.

We, or the head of this cup, wanted to stand out from the mass of offers (regardless of whether private or off. IR league). Since iR now offers the possibility of BoP, we wanted to use that too. We'll see where the road leads us. Nevertheless, thanks for your feedback! : slay:



So in itself everything is not bad if there weren't already so many "long-distance series" ......
To be honest, only such championships are usually held ... which doesn't appeal to me personally at all.

I would like to finally have a privately held Sprint Cup, where you can drive for a maximum of 20 or 30 minutes.
But no, somehow nobody does that :(

Personally, I really don't feel like driving races that last over an hour.


And when I read the thread title, I was almost hoping that someone would organize a private time trail championship ......
because I would be really happy about something like that, because everyone can drive in a certain time (week) when and how often they want.

Greetings peer

Fortunately, iRacing provides a few nice tools to organize something like this. The only stupid thing is that you have to take it into your own hands if you want something to your own taste.
But you will at least be compensated for the hours invested in work with nicely meant (but mostly annoying) slogans or comments that do not take part are even more satisfactory because, in their opinion, not enough participants have been found.
But well, ultimately everyone has to decide for themselves what they enjoy.

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