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HTML5: 10 video media players at a glance

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In the latest version 5 of HTML there will be specifications for a video tag that will allow web designers and web developers for the first time, Videos just as easy on a website, such as a picture.

In practice this could look like this:

<videowidth="320"height="240"src="/wp-content/flvplayer/content/demo-video.mp4"autobufferautoplaycontrols><divclass="video-fallback"><br>Sie benoetigen einen Browser, der HTML5 unterstuetzt. </div></video>

In order for this to work, the browser manufacturers have to go along and implement the video functionality in their browsers, and above all those recommended by the W3C Implement guidelines accordinglyso that the video integration works identically as possible across browsers.

This cannot be taken for granted, as the browser developers could definitely take other paths due to various reasons such as financial and technical aspects. But you can assume that no browser is ultimately too far will move from the specifications of the World Wide Web Consortium. Beyond that, HTML5 is still there in developmentso that there may still be changes to the relevant specifications.

It is true that the integration of a video is also relatively easy at the moment - plugins such as the Flash player, Quicktime, etc., thanks - but the HTML5 approach would be a giant step towards browser and device independence when it comes to video playback.

It is therefore certainly worth taking a look at HTML5 media players that are already available on the market. There are now a number of players for integration on websites that allow the integration of videos using HTML5 and display - provided a suitable browser is used.

We would like to briefly introduce some video players here:

YouTube HTML5 player

If you have an appropriate browser, for example Firefox 4 (WebM), Google Chrome (WebM and h.264), Opera 10.6 (WebM), etc. and the video codec supported in each case, you can use the YouTube HTML5 video player use.

Vimeo HTML5 Player

The player, which is currently still in beta status, runs on the latest versions of the Safari, Chrome and IE browsers (with Chrome Frame installed). To use the HTML5 player from Vimeo To use or test it, you can click on the lower area of ​​each Vimeo video "Switch to HTML5 player" button click.

Video JS

Video JS is a Javascript based video player consisting of three parts: The embedded code (Video for Everybody), a Javascript library (video.js) and a pure HTML / CSS skin (video-js.css)

  • Free & Open Source
  • Lightweight: NO IMAGES ARE USED
  • 100% skinnable through CSS
  • Library independent
  • Easy to use
  • Very understandable & easy to expand
  • Consistent look across all supporting browsers
  • Full screen and full window mode
  • Volume control
  • Flash fallback (even when using an unsupported source)

JW Player for HTML5

The JW Player a completely skin-based and configurable video player, implemented in Javascript (jQuery) and, if required, enables a seamless fallback to the popular JW Player for Flash.

Video for Everybody!

Video for Everybody! enables videos to be integrated on relevant websites by simply integrating HTML5 code. The video player also offers automatic flash fallback without JavaScript or browser sniffing. In addition, this player also works in RSS readers and on the iPhone, on the iPad, as well as on many browsers and platforms.

Ambilight for Video Tag

Ambilight is a simple video player that allows the integration of HTML5 video and stands out in that it shows the average colors in Ambilight style at the edges depending on the color in the video.

DailyMotion HTML5 Video Player Demo


FlareVideo is an open source project and HTML5 video player based on jQuery, which has a full screen mode and flash fallback mechanism.

  • HTML5 video with Flash fallback
  • Easy CSS / HTML / JS customization and the possibility to create themes
  • Full-screen support
  • Completely open source and free, also for commercial use

VP Factory

VP Factory generally differs in that it is a completely cloud-based video management application with a flexibly adaptable video player and lots of other features.


The Sublime video player is still in Experiment stage and currently only supports a certain number of browsers. However, the long-term goal of the developers is to make SublimeVideo executable for all modern browsers. In addition, the video player will be released soon freely available offered, at least for non-commercial purposes.

Otherwise, the Sublime video player allows the simple integration of videos in blogs or websites that comply with modern web standards.

  • Full window mode
  • HTML5 video with its advantages
    No browser plug-in required
    No flash dependency
    Any selection of a specific point in the video without buffering
  • Full-screen mode