Should have a 14 year old bedtime

Controversial topic of sleep - how much sleep do teenagers need?

Even if the individual need for sleep differs from person to person, a child between three and five years of age needs around ten to 13 hours of sleep, between the ages of six and 13 this levels off at nine to eleven hours.

Even with the onset of puberty, not much changes in that: Between 14 and 17 years the average sleep required by adolescents is still between eight to ten hours - only a few of them need less than seven or more than eleven hours of sleep. The rapid growth, the development of the brain and the hormonal processes that begin during this period make this break.

At the same time, however, the biorhythm of the adolescents changes. The sleep hormone melatonin, which is responsible for making us tired in the evening, is now released later than when we were children. This change is responsible for the fact that the adolescents are often not yet tired by the time they should actually go to sleep.
On the other hand, you have to get up early for school, which usually starts between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. This discrepancy ensures that teenagers consistently lack sleep for one to two hours each night. The consequences are a lack of concentration and a reduction in performance. Too little sleep also weakens the immune system and can promote the development of mental illnesses.