What's the Worst Disney Channel Show

The 15 best Disney movies of all time

The best Disney films trigger childhood nostalgia. But we can also enjoy the highlights of the house as adults. Our top 15 should definitely be seen.

Don't be surprised: even if Disney has produced great real-life films, we focus here on the animated treasures. We also leave out Pixar movies ("Monster AG" & Co.) - our list of the best only features Disney.

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But back to the animation highlights of the house - here comes our top 15:


1. Mulan

The Huns invade China, every man is needed for defense. Ultimately, however, it is a girl who saves the emperor and empire. Released in 1998, this film is surprisingly modern when it comes to its strong heroine. At the same time, it captivates with one of the most exciting stories in the Disney universe.

2. Aristocats

This short cinematic trip to Paris is best enjoyed with a croissant and a café au lait. France's metropolis is wonderfully staged, but the focus is on the adventure of a charming cat family. Très charming!

4. Robin Hood

This adaptation of the adventures of the well-known British hero, who competes with a bow and arrow for the poor against the mighty, appeared in 1973. Since then, the myth has often been staged for the cinema, but certainly never as entertaining and cute as Disney.

6. Ariel

The longing for the human world leads the king's daughter Arielle to a bad deal with the mee witch, she swaps fishtail for legs. Now is the time to find true love quickly in order to save yourself. But that proves difficult because she cannot use her voice.

7. The jungle book

Give it a try with ... exactly: cosiness! Not the only song from this Rudyard Kipling adaptation of the novel that Disney fans can sing along to on the spot. In addition to Mowgli, the jungle child, Baloo the bear and Baghira the panther are the animal heroes.

8. Aladdin

The highlight from the 90s scores with a sympathetic hero, a cool princess, but above all with an ingenious Dschini. Many years later, you can't just watch a cinematic hit musical - in 2019, the also successful real-life filming started with Will Smith in the role of the magic lamp ghost.

9. 101 Dalmatians

An early work and a particularly hearty one. Dog lovers shouldn't miss the clumsy horde of cuddly puppies and Cruella de Vil is also pretty far ahead in the Disney villains category. The later real-life adaptations couldn't keep up. Maybe the new one with Emma Stone can do it - "Cruella" starts in 2021.

10. The Lion King

Hakuna Matata! Even these two words cause an acute sing-along stimulus for many people around the world, accompanied by a vortex of images. The story of the royal lion also came to the cinema in a remake in 2019.

11. Bernhard and Bianca - The Mouse Police

The clumsy albatross that Bernhard and Bianca hire as a means of transport is a highlight in itself. And there are a few more of them in the adventure. It will also be exciting and if you like it, you can treat yourself to the equally successful sequel afterwards.

12. Pocahontas

Along with Mulan, this Native American is one of the strongest female characters from Disney. In addition, there is Pocahhonta's wonderfully staged love of nature (today more important than ever as a role model), grandiose choreographed scenes and a surprising, because not sugar-sweet ending.

13. Beauty and the Beast

Meanwhile there is also the real film with Emma Watson. But don't forget the classic. Because even then, the fairytale love story with the animated castle furnishings was the finest entertainment.

14. Lilo & Stitch

This Hawaiian adventure with an alien and two human sisters is one of the cheekiest things Disney has ever brought to film life. In addition to the usual emotions, you can look forward to hilarious scenes with an absolutely disrespectful alien.

15. Bambi

No Bambi is not a deer, but a white-tailed deer - only the German dubbing caused confusion. But biological facts aside: The animal classic from 1942 is actually quite old-fashioned in terms of image and message, but still something for the heart.


Looking for more tips on good home theater entertainment? We'd be there with the best love movies that not everyone (yet) knows:


1. Wimbledon - game, set and love

Turning the tennis court into a love scene is already innovative. In terms of originality, this is not the end of the story and so a funny, warm and surprising scene follows the next. All wonderfully played by Paul Bettany ("Avengers") and Kirsten Dunst - and the brilliantly cast supporting roles (including James McAvoy as the annoying "little" brother). To see again and again!


2. Moonstruck

There is nothing ordinary about this wonderfully Italian love story in the middle of New York. Just the fact that Cher and Nicolas Cage are starring is a godsend. In addition, the film does not focus solely on the two central characters, but portrays the whole crazy and extremely lovable family, with whom one would like to meet immediately for pasta dinner. By the way, Cher earned the Oscar for best actress with this role.


3. African Queen

When you think of romance films and Humphrey Bogart, "Casablanca" comes to mind first. No wonder: the film is a classic. No less good, just not quite as well known, however, is this wonderful First World War romance between a ship's captain (Bogart) and a British missionary (Katherine Hepburn) in Africa, who become travel companions, approach and ultimately even against an enemy German Line up the ship.

4. A Royal Night Out

Love stories don't always have a happy ending in the classic sense, not even this royal adventure. Princess Elizabeth (today's Queen) couldn't afford an unusual spontaneous relationship. Nevertheless, it is really nice to watch the heir to the throne approach a young soldier one night in London in the midst of the celebrations at the end of the war in 1945.


5. May I ask

Of course, one can also warmly recommend Richard Gere's great romantic success "Pretty Woman". This somewhat quieter, no less loving film with him and Susan Sarandon is an equally worth seeing highlight. It's because of the nice story about the lawyer who finds new life inspiration in a dance class. But also to Geres great co-stars: In addition to Sarandon, the grandiose Stanley Tucci, Jennifer Lopez in perhaps her most likeable role and a few more.