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What are the super hard levels in Candy Crush?

Hexagon level? Those with dark storm clouds? Totally sausage. Or even the levels of the dream world? (Careful, Insider.) Difficult levels in Candy Crush are those that cannot be solved on the first try. Okay, sometimes you're on the train and not really focused on the matter. Then we may not say on the second and third attempts and until all five hearts are used up. They are usually the answer to the question, what is the hardest level in Candy Crush? And as you can see from the link to a post, we have already answered the question as theoretically as possible.

We spoke to the level designers in various studios of the developer from Barcelona, ​​Berlin, London to Stockholm and delivered the answer that King knows the statistics of the levels and strives for the most relaxed gaming experience possible for you. For example, if you want to see where Candy Crush Jelly is looked after, click here:

Perhaps also important is the information that ALL levels, puzzles, i.e. really all puzzle game content in the apps are created by hand. So on the PC and not with a pencil.

Elements of difficult levels

Too few Trains. This is probably the most common game element that makes a level difficult. In combination with high Level aiming of course.

Blockers, Many blocking stones and fields are generally unusual next to one layout of the level, the obstacles why you simply cannot create chain creations or even find matching three stones.

Another general rule for the difficulty is: the more colors a level has, the harder it is to solve. It is less common to find matching traits under six colors than under, let's say in the opposite case, one color. Lol.

The Paint bomb is a powerful and uncontrollable specialty candy from Candy Crush, as we have already written here.

Not available ingredients are always a problem. Usually you have to bring down one ingredient after the other.

An often visible message in such a level is of course: No more moves possible and the board shuffeld automatically.

Top 5 hardest levels in Candy Crush

Today, however, we want to take a look at one of the top 5 super difficult levels in Candy Crush. Okay, let's say 5 of the heaviest. Top is always a thing. And only from the saga, the first part with its 5000+ levels. That's more than enough. And not just "over 2000 levels", as it says in the FAQ of the current part. So when it comes to store entries and such texts in the help sections, the developer is sometimes not that behind it. * amkopfkratz * Harsh criticism. So that the text doesn't sound like it was written by fans for fans. Lol.

Candy Crush Level 2310

25 moves to clear 34 fields with jelly. These sit in the four corners of the square playing field and again in the middle. There is literally the real key to success, right above the chests. There are only four colors on the playing field for this.

Icy Level 352: Churches and Nuts

Two churches, two nuts are the level goals for this ingredient level. It becomes difficult because of the large amount of ice that needs to be broken three times. There are striped candies for that. You can only make 12 moves. Apparently the ice is just a distraction. As long as you don't put the ingredients in the cracks where they are, the level is easy to solve.

Level 1332 - The Hitchhikers Guide to Candy Crush

42 is the answer here. So many of the jelly fields have to be cleared. These are in the lower area of ​​the level. Here are also three of the spaceship UFOs trapped in cages. These are also beneath the sources of three spreading blockers. And the number of moves to solve the level is: 12! The solution is probably to turn off the mills.

Level 1469

16 and 18 results in? 34. Exactly. This number of single and double jelly fields must be cleared with 12 moves. Amazing.

Candy Crush Level 2039

Seven moves with the goal of collecting 9 jellys. The fish on the right could help you to reach these isolated fields on the left. Unfortunately, the water dwellers themselves are blocked.

This was once five levels of Candy Crush, which are considered particularly difficult. Of course there is more, much more. And there are possibly even more difficult levels up to insolubility. Experience has shown that it is precisely these that are made easier. As I said, this article was not about defining the difficulty in absolute terms, but rather about narrowing it down, thereby understanding the Candy Crush phenomenon.

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