Why are there no more water beds?

Which waterbed systems are there and what are the differences?

First of all, it should be noted that not all waterbeds are the same! It's not just about the right system, but also about the quality.

Even with the same waterbed systems, there are huge differences in quality! It starts with the various components of a waterbed system. There is a big difference whether the actual waterbed mattress consists of a thin vinyl film that is glued together at the edges, or whether a quality vinyl that is specially welded is used. The durability is significantly increased through the use of strong vinyl foils and the welding. On the other hand, holes and water leaks will quickly occur with thin foils and at the adhesive points.

Another crucial quality factor are the flow layers, which are necessary for the perfect support of the body. Without tiled layers, the waterbed mattress is just a "water bag" that does not offer any sleeping quality.

That is just as important Carbon heatingwhich, in contrast to cheap offers, scores with a long shelf life and consumes significantly less electricity. The use of a high-quality Carbon heating also financially worthwhile.

There are also great differences in quality in terms of washability and wear and tear when it comes to mattress covers and pads. In principle, one should Exchangeable mattress cover so that the bed can simply continue to be used while a cover is in the laundry.