How do small businesses buy things wholesale

Special items and remaining stock not only for entrepreneurs

First of all, you should clarify the question for yourself whether you are opening a residual stock trade with mixed products, or whether you limit yourself to certain residual items from product categories (e.g. residual items from the fashion industry, furniture, cosmetics, etc.). While the former gives you greater freedom to sell whatever you think is profitable, the latter gives you the chance to distinguish yourself as a retailer with a certain target group and specialize (for example, as a top seller for remaining stock from the Plumbing trade).

In any case, you should think in advance which remaining items you would like to buy in order to then sell them again. The question is always: Is it likely that you will be able to inspire enough potential customers for this or that product? And above all: it is Price low enoughto attract customers' attention? Do your best to bid Goods in original packaging at a special price at! Please be sure to carry out a trade calculation, this is the only way to achieve good sales and, above all, profits! A bit of intuition is required here, but above all patience, because finding this out is usually done through learning by doing.

Particularly lucrative, as high profit margins are possible, are:

  • Bankruptcy goods
  • Remnants
  • Pallet goods
  • Return goods or exchange goods from customer returns
  • Overhang goods
  • Discontinued product
  • Non-seller
  • Best before goods (expired best before)
  • Samples / exhibition goods