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16 Kununu reviews make you shake your head: You definitely don't want to work in these companies

Employees today are able to find out about a potential new employer just as thoroughly on the Internet as they do before buying a new washing machine. Kununu offers the most important evaluation platform for employers in our part of the world. As a result, it sometimes delivers funny and sometimes absurd “reviews” from ex-employees.

The ex-employees will not always have felt like laughing while writing their rants. If you keep in mind how things are in some companies, one can only hope that a negative corporate culture is threatened with extinction. In any case, the authors are out of the job and have hopefully already found something new - what a good thing, based on the experience they have gained.

Insults, sexism and smoking in the office - something for every taste

The classic hierarchies in companies are gradually being dismantled by themselves. One reason for this lies in the use of the Internet and the diverse possibilities that the World Wide Web offers its users today. A positive work environment, good working conditions and flexibility are more important to employees nowadays than a high salary. If the circumstances are not correct, the change is easy and - annoying for the ex-employer - then a negative evaluation will not be hesitated for long. And even though we live in the 21st century, there seems to be enough room for sexism, insults to the executive floor towards employees and completely smoke-filled offices. Mind you, the companies we have selected all come from the digital industry, which is always said to be future-oriented.

But what an angry ex-colleague has written publicly does not always correspond to the truth. Therefore, employers can write a statement and comment on what has been written. If all of this is too much for you, you can use a lawyer and have the rating removed for a fee. However, we advise against the latter in most cases, as removing it does not change the circumstances. In order to get loyal and motivated employees and to keep them, it is important to create sensible structures.

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