How do I work in Singapore

Working in Singapore

Singapore is an island off the Malay Peninsula. The landscape of Singapore is criss-crossed by many small bodies of water. With its four million inhabitants, Singapore is one of the largest financial centers in the world.

If you want to work and live in a financially strong country, you need one thing in particular: a helping of education and, ideally, a university degree. If you also have some professional experience, you are in good hands in Singapore!

Labor market trends in Singapore

More and more Germans are emigrating to Singapore, because the country is one of the economically strongest countries in the world. If you would like to work in Singapore and start a new life there, you have good chances with convincing skills, e.g. in these areas:

  • IT and finance
  • logistics
  • mechanical engineering
  • electronics
  • chemistry
  • Banking

The service sector is particularly well represented in Singapore. Professional experience in these areas therefore particularly opens the door to Singapore's job market. If you prefer to work in agriculture, you will look in vain in Singapore. Only one percent of the land area in Singapore is used for agriculture.

Find a job in Singapore

If you are already looking for a job in Singapore, various portals and job boards are available to you. You can find interesting positions and promising companies here, for example:

You can also find job offers in Singapore on some German sites:

Another possibility to find a job on site is the website of the German-Singaporean Chamber of Commerce, the Singaporean-German Chamber.

Applying correctly in Singapore

To get a job in Singapore, you apply in a similar way as in Germany. Your application documents include a résumé with a photo and a letter of motivation in English (a maximum of one A4 page long). It is best to include your university certificate, if you have one. For some jobs, the application must also be in Chinese, then it depends on how good your existing knowledge is. You send your application documents to the respective company either in writing or by email as a PDF.
As in Germany, there are also interviews in Singapore. First, prepare for the interview by finding out about the company and thinking about suitable questions that show your interest. You appear well dressed for your interview. Sometimes this also takes place over the phone.


Before you can enter Singapore, you need a work visa. There are different visas depending on what your employment is like:

  • Employmentpass: If you find a company in Singapore that hires you, you apply for the work visa for employees. Appropriate training or an academic title are more than beneficial for this. You will need this pass if you belong to one of the following professional groups: self-employed, entrepreneurs, administrators and artists. Its minimum validity is two years, but it can be extended to five years. With this pass you have to earn at least 3,500 Singapore dollars a month - the equivalent of around 1,800 euros.
  • The Q-Pass: This is valid for two to five years. To get this, you need to have the qualifications you are looking for, for example as a technician or skilled worker. Your monthly income must be at least 2,500 Singapore dollars, around 1,300 euros.
  • Entrepreneurs visa: If you do not have any academic training, but have a good business idea and a convincing business plan, you apply for the entrepreneurs visa. Important: This visa must be applied for before starting a business.
  • If you want to look for a job on site, you have to apply for an "Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate" before entering the country. This gives you a year to find a job in Singapore. As a prerequisite, you need a specialist visa or certain university degrees.
  • For short-term jobs of up to four weeks, a short-term employment pass is usually sufficient. The prerequisites here are a minimum monthly salary of 2,500 Singapore dollars and appropriate professional qualifications.

Comprehensive documents translated into English are required to apply for the respective visa. This includes, for example, a birth certificate and certificates. Information on work permits can be found on the Ministry of Manpower website. You can also apply for your work permit here. It usually takes four weeks to process the application before it is issued. In addition, every application must be supported by a Singaporean company.

Immigration Policy in Singapore

If you want to stay in Singapore, you first need a work or entrepreneur visa with which you can come to the country. This is initially limited in time. If you are sure of your job, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. After two years of permanent residence, you apply for citizenship in Singapore.

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