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Sales manager - job description, salary, training and requirements

Are you good at conveying an idea, a concept or the benefits of a product to others? Are you able to argue convincingly, are you strong in communication and solution-oriented? Then a career in sales up to sales management might be an option for you.

The job of sales manager is open to you if you have the necessary professional experience in sales or distribution. Sales form the core of the company's turnover. Therefore, you have a high degree of responsibility in this position.

You not only have a say in the success of your company, but also look after others in your management position. In addition to your customers, this also includes your colleagues. You are therefore constantly busy convincing and motivating. Assertiveness is therefore important in all areas of work as a sales manager.

In your daily job you constantly deal with the products and services of your company. You will develop suitable strategies in consultation with the management. These are based on the goals, guidelines and the budget available for sales measures.

All of this results in a sales concept that you are constantly optimizing and developing. You must be accountable to your superiors about the measures required for this. This happens, for example, in the form of presentations.

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Salary as sales manager

As a sales manager, you are already high on the career ladder. In addition, the job is very diverse and demanding. Companies reward this accordingly. Your starting salary in this position can be around EUR 4,600 and even double over the years. From a financial perspective, the job of sales manager is a very lucrative option.

How your earnings develop in practice depends, of course, on the respective company and your educational path. For example, many sales managers have an academic background and a university or college degree. The salary also depends on your individual skill in salary negotiations. Here your earnings can be improved step by step.

Studies and training as a sales manager

For the position as sales manager, in addition to the appropriate training, you must first go through the necessary career stages. The first step is a degree or a qualified training in the field of economics. With this you meet the basic requirements to be able to work in sales.

With the following professional experience, you will first qualify as a Junior Sales Manager. In this position you will continue to prove yourself and thus achieve the status of Senior Sales Manager. You already have a high degree of responsibility in this area. You are actively involved in operational processes and work across departments. This means that you demonstrate communication and negotiation skills in dealing with customers as well as employees.

As a Senior Sales Manager, you have the professional skills and experience to aim for a position as a sales manager. As an additional qualification, a postgraduate master’s degree can also be worthwhile. This gives you the opportunity, for example, to set professional priorities or to orientate yourself across industries.

As a rule, you will not become a sales manager without training in the commercial area, in most cases even with a degree. You also have to be relatively successful to get a chance in this position.

Requirements and tasks for the sales management

For a position as sales manager, it depends, as described, on your professional experience and your individual qualifications. You are an absolute professional in sales and the related areas. Sound foreign language skills and thematic focuses are also part of your professional portfolio.

The job as a sales manager is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Resistance to stress and resilience are therefore a must in order to cope with the weekly workload (45 hours or more). In addition, further training is an integral part of your professional development. After all, you always have to stay “up to date”.

Changes in the market and the industry, changed customer behavior, personnel restructuring - you keep an eye on all of this. You are an expert for your company and therefore know about the business processes of your and other departments. This requires extensive entrepreneurial thinking. In addition, you have to be able to rely on your employees and vice versa.

Application as sales manager

Cover letter and résumé are important documents that highlight skills and your professional career. The application process can of course be different, depending on whether you are applying internally or externally. You may also supplement your documents with a letter of recommendation from a previous employer or supervisor, for example.

What is essential in both cases is your proven identification with the company and its goals. After all, you are largely responsible for its success and therefore occupy an important key position. Your loyalty to your employer is a basic requirement. To the same extent as you take on responsibility, the company will place the trust you need in you.

Your application highlights your multitude of hard and soft skills. Detailed company knowledge, motivation, persuasiveness - all of this emerges from your documents.

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Trends and perspectives for sales management

Qualified sales managers are in demand. Therefore, there are good prospects to acquire such a position. Companies offer relatively quick promotion opportunities for this. This is especially true for medium-sized representatives who are heavily dependent on customer loyalty. The prerequisite is, of course, that your experience and skills match the desired profile.

Another advantage of the profession is the variety of industries that comes with it. Sales employees can be found everywhere and are therefore in demand everywhere. If, based on your training and professional experience, you can also show important areas of focus, all the better. It also pays off for you when you invest in your further education. This can relate, for example, to industry changes or digital developments. With this you not only expand your knowledge, but also demonstrate your high level of motivation.

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