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Viking Travel - Malaysia: Borneo for Explorers


Day 1: Departure to Malaysia

Day 2: Miri

Arrival in Kuala Lumpur, onward flight to Miri and transfer to our hotel in the middle of the city center. Here we dare to take our first steps on Borneo. Bars, restaurants and shops are within easy walking distance. 2 nights hotel accommodation in Miri. 16 km.

Day 3: Niah National Park
After breakfast we drive to the Niah-NP, which is known for its gigantic cave systems. First we visit the museum with numerous important relics. Then we hike on a footbridge to the spectacular Niah Caves and explore them extensively. GZ 3-4 hours. They are i.a. famous for the edible swallow nests that are located in the ceilings up to 100 m high. They are collected in dangerous climbing maneuvers and usually exported as a delicacy for a lot of money. The enormous dimensions and the ancient rock paintings are impressive. Return to Miri after lunch and free time. 85 km. (F, M)

Day 4 - 6: Mulu National Park
The Mulu National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site) has one of the largest cave systems in the world and is rich in species. The huge cave complexes are testimonies to the history of the earth. In them you can find tropical vegetation and gigantic stalactites. After a short domestic flight, we freshen up and hike to the Paku waterfall. GZ 2-3 hours. In the morning of the 5th day we explore the national park on our own. With a view of the Paku River, we then follow the world's longest treetop path at a height of approx. 25 meters. We continue over a footbridge through primary forest to the Deer Cave and the Lang Cave, which we also get to know from the inside. GZ 3-4 hours. In the evening we marvel at the swarming out of the bats - a spectacular natural spectacle. On the 6th day we take a longboat up the Melinau River and visit a small market as well as the Wind and Clearwater caves with a mighty underground river. GZ 1-2 hours. 3 nights lodge in Mulu National Park. (3 x F, 2 x M, 3 x A)

Day 7: Kota Kinabalu
We fly to Kota Kinabalu and have the rest of the day at leisure. If you want, you can explore the capital of Sabah on your own. In the evening you can enjoy delicious seafood on the bayfront. 2 nights hotel accommodation in Kota Kinabalu. (F)

Day 8: Coral Island
We take the boat to an offshore coral island for a day of relaxation. We have the opportunity to snorkel and discover the sometimes still colorful underwater world in the coral reefs or enjoy sunbathing on the beach. (F, M)

Day 9-10: Dusun village life
We drive into the countryside to Sayap and get to know the way of life of the Dusun, the largest ethnic group in Sabah. They live mainly from growing fruit and vegetables, but also from fishing and rubber production. We have lunch with a local family. Then we explore the picturesque village, in the background of which the majestic Mount Kinabalu towers. Located at almost 1,000 meters above sea level, the climate is pleasant. The village is surrounded by dense jungle, which is home to a huge biodiversity. There are many streams, waterfalls and orchids in the primary rainforest. In the evening we watch as a local dish is being prepared before our eyes. If you want, you are welcome to help a little. The next morning we learn a lot about rubber cultivation. Then we go on a hike into the primary rainforest (GZ 2-3 hours), where we can also swim along cascading waterfalls. Back in the village we get an insight into traditional fishing methods of the Dusun. 2 nights with locals in a dormitory in Sayap. 90 km on day 9 (2 x F, 2 x L, 2 x A)

Day 11: Mount Kinabalu National Park
Mount Kinabalu National Park lies at the foot of the highest mountain range in Southeast Asia. It offers a unique concentration of lush flora in all climates. A hike brings us closer to the rich flora of the tropics. GZ 2-3 hours. Overnight hotel accommodation in Kundasang near the national park. 85 km. (F, M)

Day 12: Sepilok
After breakfast, a longer drive awaits us to Sepilok, which is famous for the largest orangutan rehabilitation center in the world. In almost untouched rainforest, orangutan orphans are prepared for life in the wild. Depending on your arrival time, we will be enchanted by the sight of you this afternoon or on the morning of the 14th day of travel. Overnight hotel accommodation in Sepilok. 270 km. (F)

Day 13: Libaran Island
Let's go to Sandakan and from there by boat to Libaran Island, where we can relax a little and get a first introduction to the protection of the local turtles. In the evening we have the opportunity to release baby turtles into the sea on the beach at sunset. After dark we can even see turtles laying eggs with a bit of luck. On clear nights we have the chance to see the Milky Way. Overnight camp in a comfort tent on Libaran Island. (F, M, A)

Day 14: Orangutans
We leave Libaran Island and, back on the mainland, visit the orangutan rehabilitation center if there was not enough time on the 12th day of travel. We continue to the Kinabatangan River, where we will discover the wonderful world of animals and birds more closely over the next few days. In the evening we take our first boat trip on the river and look out for the diverse jungle inhabitants along the river banks. Depending on the weather, we also go on a night hike through the wilderness to track down nocturnal animals. 3 nights lodge at Kinabatangan. 130 km. (F, M, A)

Day 15-16: Kinabatangan River
Here on the Kinabatangan, the longest river in Sabah, we undertake two boat tours in the morning and two in the evening on the next two days and hike through the tropical rainforest with an experienced jungle guide during the day. GZ 1-2 hours each. Optionally and depending on the weather conditions, a night boat trip is also possible. Always with the aim of spotting the numerous animals. In addition to the strange-looking proboscis monkeys, with a bit of luck we can also encounter wild orangutans, spectacled langurs, macaques, wild cats, the smallest elephant species in the world, crocodiles and a colorful, dazzling world of birds and insects. (2 x F, 2 x M, 2 x A)

Day 17-18: Kuala Lumpur
After one last trip on the Kinabatangan, we return to civilization. Transfer to Sandakan and flight to Kuala Lumpur. In Kuala Lumpur we have free time. Our hotel is very centrally located and the location offers a variety of options. 2 nights hotel accommodation in Kuala Lumpur. 180 km on day 17. (2 x B)

19th day: journey home
Airport transfer and return flight. 65 km. (F)

Day 20: arrival

A = dinner
B = breakfast
FZ = travel time
GZ = walking times
M = lunch
NP = national park
Boots = requirement
O = overnight