How do you buy on Steam

Comprehensive Guide to Buying CSGO Skins on the Steam Marketplace

With the Steam Community Market, Valve has demonstrated its ability to operate a global trading platform for digital goods. The distribution of items between users was not only made possible, but also regulated, which served the establishment and growth of an international trading network. In addition to the main possibility of obtaining skins in the game and by looting boxes, there is another legitimate method to expand the player's inventory. One can buy CSGO skins on Steam or do it from third-party suppliers.

What is Steam Marketplace?

Steam Community Market is a general trade service, which enables its users to buy and sell game items. This is neither with the main shop still with that Steam workshop or the so-called. Trade offer confused directly from the inventory.

The Steam Shop is used to purchase games and DLCs from producers.

The Steam workshop is a kind of project archive in which game modifications (so-called mods) made by fans and hobby developers are located and can be downloaded from there (usually free of charge) and integrated into the game.

As Trade offers on Steam, one refers to direct trade from the user inventory with the interested partner. To be able to act like this

  • Friends of the account owner can exchange items with him.
  • Members of the trading forums in the community hub can make an exchange offer upon a contribution by the user.
  • Using the trading URL, the account owner can trade his inventory on external merchant sites (third-party providers), sell and buy CS GO skins for real money.

On the Steam Marketplace on the other hand, just like in a store, you can find a wide range of items, from ordinary boxes and skins that cost only pennies to music sets, stickers and popular skins worth a few dollars to ultra-rare knives, firearms and gloves for Hundreds of dollars.

Things to Know Before You Buy

You can fall victim to numerous scammers while trading online. There are two basic forms of fraud: item theft and money rip-off.

Money rip off

  • buy csgo skins and never receive them? An abomination. It can't happen to you on the Steam Market. But beware of bargains from private individuals who want to trade in an unfamiliar way.

Theft of your items

The thief wants access to your Steam inventory. In order to achieve his goal, he uses clever technical tricks (hacks, scamming) and deception maneuvers that distort your perception. He sells skins that he has acquired in this way at a profit. How does he do that? He steals your entire Steam account or sneaks into it.

  • When downloading the mods from the Steam Workshop, you are also installing malicious software (beware of executable .EXE, .DLL and .BAT files or malware programs that claim to fix Steam problems). Only a good antivirus program on your computer will help.
  • You share your account details with someone (e.g. on player forums or in playgroups). Be suspicious if you are tricked or asked to share your Steam account credentials.
  • You are logging in with your Steam account details on an insecure computer or an untrustworthy site to which you have been redirected (no official Steam site, fake Steam support mails, etc.).

In order to protect its users from such tactics, Steam implemented important security guidelines. If you don't want to make yourself easy prey for thieves, scamers and hackers, read and follow them.

Download the Steam app to trade quickly and securely

The Steam Guard is an additional level of security to your account credentials. It generates five-digit security codes that you have to enter each time you log in to Steam in order to confirm your identity. Basically, the Steam Guard should be activated by default in your account as soon as you have verified your email address and have restarted Steam twice since then. In this case you will receive your Steam Guard authentication codes by email. Please note that if you do this, all traded items will be retained by Steam for up to 15 days for security reasons. Steam gives you the time and the opportunity to react if your account were stolen or compromised. The thief can steal the items, but not sell them on. If theft is reported, the items are returned to the stolen owner.

Only users who have the Steam Mobile Authenticator activate, can act from the seventh day after activation without waiting, as they can immediately confirm their right to the account on their mobile phone. To use the Steam Mobile Authenticator, you need to download the Steam app on your mobile phone. This app also offers other useful functions, such as direct browsing in the shop and the community market, a chat, support and more.

Would you like to sell your cs go skins immediately after purchasing steam marktplatz offers direct resale. When trading from inventory, you have to wait for a 7-day trading ban.

One more thing to think about before buying. The market works like any trading exchange. The prices are constantly changing. Observe the price developments for a while and look for websites that give the current skin market value to be sure that you are not buying an item overpriced.

How do you buy skins through the Steam Marketplace?

Here is the buying process:

  • Sign in to the Steam account
  • Enter the Steam Guard key from your app
  • Select in the top menu Community then Market from the submenu.

Check your account balance in the banner on the right. If your credit is too low, you can click on the area Steam credit move to your account to top up. Choose: amount and payment method.

  • Go back to the marketplace. The item listing under the green banner shows three tabs: Popular Items, New Deals, and Recent Sales.
  • To the right of this is the advanced search option (Show Advanced Settings). There you can search for certain items from certain games. Select CSGO.
  • Specify your search and filter the items according to the desired parameters.
  • Once you have decided on the item, click on it and the shopping window will appear.
  • With the buy button you get to the new view. You can either buy immediately by accepting the market price offered or create a purchase order at a lower price.

As soon as the article appears with the desired price, it will be automatically bought for you and you will be informed of this by email. This is a good option to avoid fluctuations in value and to secure a lower item price.

Steam's transaction fee (5%) and CSGO publisher fee (10%) are passed on to the buyer and are included in the final price you pay. The purchase price is displayed in your local currency. So you won't notice anything about the Steam exchange rate conversion.

Which payment methods can you use on Steam Market?

The following methods are currently available to charge the Steam Wallet:

  • PayPal - usually free of charge, offers good buyer protection and security
  • Paysafecard - prepaid card, without protection for the buyer, good for controlled spending.
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB - unlawful payments are reversed, rather expensive and less secure because you have to enter the card details directly.
  • Skrill - good security, after topping up your Skrill account you wait a long time before you can dispose of your money.
  • WebMoney - transaction fees not too high, good security.
  • Giropay - secure thanks to TAN entry, subject to a charge

There are local differences in payment methods by country. For Germany and Austria there is also the immediate transfer, which is not available from Switzerland.

Steam market, the pros and cons

The marketplace is a stable, secure and regulated platform that enables every user to buy items without the hassle.

Still, it's not a perfect solution. With third-party providers you can often find some items that are not available on Steam or that are cheaper. Some retailers offer professional websites that organize the articles much more clearly and describe them in a more understandable way. Since you usually buy from them with the average market price, you run a smaller risk of buying overpriced items, which can happen if you were to buy csgo skins on steam, where the prices are manipulated by sellers using item quantities. In addition, it is possible to negotiate special conditions with third-party providers if you are a regular customer or buy a lot or expensive items. The dealers also offer affiliate programs with appropriate rewards for buyers. If you also want to sell CSGO skins for real money, Steam Marketplace cannot offer this.

Currently the Skinwallet Market the lowest prices for CSGO and Dota 2 items. The fastest way and for real money you can open it to sell.


Make your first purchase on Steam and share your experiences with us. We are curious how you rate the usability of the Steam Market. We are also happy to answer your questions.