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Law on the remuneration of lawyers (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz - RVG)
Section 15 Compensation Area for Fees

Unofficial table of contents
(1) Unless this Act provides otherwise, the fees cover the entire activity of the lawyer from the assignment to the settlement of the matter.
(2) The lawyer can only claim the fees once in the same matter.
(3) If different fee rates are to be applied for parts of the item, fees will be charged separately for the parts, but not more than the fee calculated from the total amount of the valuable parts according to the highest fee rate.
(4) Unless this Act provides otherwise, fees already incurred have no influence if the matter is dealt with prematurely or the order ends before the matter is dealt with.
(5) If the lawyer, after having acted in a matter, is instructed to continue to act in the same matter, he will not receive any more fees than he would have received if he had been instructed to do so from the outset. If the previous order has been completed for more than two calendar years, the further activity is deemed to be a new matter and certain offsetting of fees in this law does not apply. Sentence 2 applies accordingly if a settlement is contested more than two calendar years after its conclusion or if more than two calendar years after delivery of a resolution according to Section 23 (3) sentence 1 of the Investor Model Act, the plaintiff submits an application according to Section 23 (4) of the Capital Investor Model Procedure Act provides for the reopening of the procedure.
(6) If the lawyer is only commissioned with individual acts or with activities that are part of the legal process or the procedure according to § 19, he will not receive more fees than the lawyer commissioned with the entire matter would receive for the same activity.