How does social marketing affect seasonal marketing

Why holidays and seasonal occasions are so important to businesses

Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and Christmas - all year round there are plenty of opportunities that companies can use for promotions. And even if it takes some planning and effort, retailers shouldn't miss out on these opportunities. Why? Because they have much more potential than "just" increasing sales in the short term!

Seasonal advertising can have a long-term effect

Of course, a seasonal or short-term sale of products on certain dates is desirable. And many customers are just waiting to be seduced by Easter, autumn or Christmas campaigns. But in addition to the purchase impulses that trigger corresponding advertising campaigns, they can also significantly increase customer loyalty.

Because well-made advertising always generates emotions - regardless of which “style” you choose as a company: whether a teasing joke, a sentimental campaign, a soulful contribution, an ironic post, a snappy ad or a more casual, fluffy action . Such emotions, in turn, trigger or strengthen the bond with a company from the customer's point of view. Coupled with the fact that the respective providers are very agile and “up-to-date”, long-term relationships are promoted.

Good advertising is remembered

Of course, experience shows that companies in the millions and billions in particular are pumping a lot of money into seasonal advertising and, with appropriate campaigns, in some cases creating big and lasting waves: For example, the Coca-Cola Christmas carol belongs to Christmas just as much for many people as they do emotional commercials by Nivea, which the cream manufacturer publishes at regular intervals on Mother's Day. Ikea, too, has managed to keep customers waiting year after year for the "tree throwaway campaign" Knut. And of course also on the funny commercials. - Quasi a fixed point in advertising in the year. The decades-old original spot is a classic that was just the beginning of a whole series of funny spots:

Smaller retailers in particular could initially feel pushed away by the marketing expenses of the big players, but practice has also shown: In many cases, a million-dollar campaign is not necessary to inspire customers. A single tweet, a funny newsletter or a Facebook post can sometimes be enough to show that the company is in tune with the spirit of the times and is up-to-date.

For example, the nut and snack provider BiteBox had sent out a newsletter at Easter 2017 with the words: “If you have nice nuts, you don't need eggs!” - a pretty unusual saying, which was well put and showed a lot of courage.

The following tweet also shows that sometimes all you need in marketing is a teasing phrase and good timing.

We can help you with choosing a car 😉 Maybe the other point will also work. # / iuhacelC2U

- Sixt Germany (@SixtDE) November 11, 2018

There is so much more than Christmas ...

Even small advertisements in a prospectus are possible - there are almost no limits to the choice of the appropriate medium, as long as the companies know their target group very well. It is also important to explore the possibilities and to allocate the advertising budget well. Many companies save a large part of the budget for the pre-Christmas and Christmas season in order to then be able to plan with large campaigns.

But the potential lies not only in the well-known events, but also in the small and curious festivities that the year has to offer: such as World Pasta Day, Singles Day, Star Wars Day or sporty ones and other cultural events.

Suitable for #WorldPastaTag.

- GFN AG (@GFN_AG) October 25, 2017

You can also find an overview of many potential opportunities in the new edition of our online retailer magazine. We have put together various festivities and occasions on pages 140 to 141.

Now to the magazine and the marketing calendar 2019!

What events are the big companies preparing for in 2019?

The advertising opportunities for the coming months are enormous. But how are the big industry players actually preparing for 2019? Which occasions are important? And which ones are perhaps less important? We once asked:

Music festivals and Halloween also play a role for Saturn

“At Saturn, our customers benefit all year round from marketing campaigns with different mechanisms, including discounts, coupons, gifts or free deliveries. The main seasonal occasions for us are Easter, Black Friday and Christmas. In addition, there are campaigns on specific occasions - e.g. B. Start of the year, Valentine's Day, the music festival season, Halloween - as well as for certain target groups, such as our Saturn CARD holders. Both our Saturn stores and the online shop take part in most campaigns, but there are also purely online activities, such as the Saturn Weekend Deals, ”said Lukas Kaiser, Marketing Manager Saturn Germany.

OTTO wants to act flexibly

“In our marketing communication in 2019, we will again rely on a colorful mix of calendar events, such as holidays and seasons, and current topics from society and culture. Both approaches are always an exciting challenge. While we always want to reinvent ourselves for calendar events and the OTTO brand should stand out from the competition, events from current events must be able to be used quickly and flexibly for communication. So we don't just prepare our marketing for different occasions - but rather for the ability to communicate for the OTTO brand in a customer-centered, adaptable, flexible and consistent manner across all channels, ”says Alexander Rohwer, Head of Strategy & Brand OTTO.

The Witt Group relies on a good mix

“The classic occasions like Christmas, Easter or holidays like Valentine's Day are important for the Witt Group. We prepare ourselves in the run-up to the season as part of our multichannel bump chain planning. Such occasions for one or more channels are considered and recorded here. The concrete implementation takes place shortly before the respective event in consultation with the web design ”, said a company spokeswoman for the Witt Group.

“At the Witt Group, we're trying to find a mix of three types. On the one hand, the classic, big occasions such as Easter, Advent, Christmas or even "holidays" such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day play a major role for us. On the other hand, events such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, International Women's Day or the start of the Oktoberfest are becoming more and more relevant. The last group is less common and can be summarized under the heading of curious holidays, to which, for example, the "day of the jogging pants" can be counted. "

Butlers wants to use all channels

“The outdoor season and the Christmas business are extremely important to us. Our SONNENSTÜCKE catalog will therefore appear in spring as a powerful marketing tool. We also create collections for special occasions and holidays, such as Easter or Mother's Day. We then distribute marketing materials such as campaigns or promotions in parallel across all channels - online, offline, social media. This year is also a special year for Butlers: We are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Of course we do this together with our customers, for whom we have therefore planned various marketing campaigns. "