See light in the room

Lighting - good light in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

The lighting decides whether we feel comfortable in a room. Because depending on Contrast, light color or brightness the light develops a completely different effect. Indirect lights, for example, create soft, feel-good light, while the workplace, on the other hand, requires very bright, focused light. To get the most out of a room, lighting should also be well planned.

In the best case scenario, the lighting design is already taken into account during construction or renovation. Take the opportunity to talk to an expert about your ideas for successful lighting. Because the thing with light tends to take a back seat. Thorough planning saves later disappointments and costly rework. Only in this way are the sockets and power connections exactly where they will be needed later, and ugly extension cables in the middle of the living room or along every wall in the hallway can be avoided.

From the efficient LED lamp to the luxurious chandelier, numerous light sources are available for lighting planning: A ceiling spotlight creates a different atmosphere than a reading lamp. But creating an ideal lighting atmosphere is not difficult at all. A rule of thumb:A mix of three different sources = the ideal lighting.

The ideal lighting: that's the trick

A balanced relationship between low-contrast and high-contrast lighting ensures comfort. That works best through a mixture of three different light sources: Backlighting, accent lighting and work lighting.