Why is liposuction expensive

Plastic surgery: liposuction is not for the obese

There are people who can do as much sport and pay attention to their diet as they want. They just can't get rid of some flab: the bulges on the thighs known as “saddlebags” or those on the flanks, also known as “love handles” with a wink. Those who are very vain may suffer extremely from it - and want to get rid of them at all costs. Liposuction is then the cosmetic surgical method of choice.

"Liposuction is not for overweight people, it is not used to reduce weight," explains specialist Lutz Kleinschmidt from Bergisch Gladbach from the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC). Only when weight loss and exercise are no longer effective should a so-called liposuction be considered. The body mass index must be between 19 and 25. He therefore sends very fat prospects away again.

Tightening after heavy weight loss

"Liposuction is always an integral part of an upper arm, thigh or abdominal wall lift," adds Prof. Günter Germann from the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC). Such tightening is an option after losing a lot of weight.

According to Germann, two principles apply to liposuction: On the one hand, fat is sucked off via a cannula. On the other hand, the surgeon uses it to create a large wound in the body - with the aim that this contracts in the course of healing and the skin tightens. This then improves the body contour - but it doesn't always work. "In many situations, the suction alone is enough, sometimes it is just an attempt, and the skin remains slack without pulling back." Then it must be surgically tightened.

There are only a few cases in which liposuction is not a purely aesthetic procedure. "If there is too much volume in the reconstructive area in so-called flap surgery after tissue transplantation, for example if skin and fat tissue has been transferred from the upper to the lower leg, then suction is now a means of reducing this," explains Germann Private clinic is part of reconstructive medicine at Heidelberg University Hospital.

Liposuction is sometimes medically useful