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Love: if he does these things, you are not the one for him

S.time you have come together, you are in seventh heaven. You have a lot of fun together and you are in love like the first day. But while you have your rose-colored glasses on, you are no longer sure what it looks like with him. Although things are generally going well for you and there are no major arguments, there are more and more situations in which you ask yourself why he is saying or doing things and you are not sure how to classify it. Even if you don't want to admit it, you haven't even asked yourself whether you have the same ideas about a common future and whether he is really serious. Or whether he intends to have an adult relationship with you, but is simply not already for it and not admitting it to himself. So we'll tell you which ones seven Things you can tell that for him you are not the one and that you should seriously question your relationship.

1. He does his own thing

Before you plan your weekend, you always ask him what he's up to. You also agreed the date of your next girls' trip with him. But somehow, more and more recently, you've got the feeling that you are acting on him, but he is never considering you. He is more likely to present you with a fait accompli when it comes to planning and otherwise he does not include you in the important decisions. If so, you should clarify why he is doing this. Maybe the relationship with you is not important enough to him to do things according to you. If that's that, you probably have no future.

2. He doesn't introduce you to anyone

If there are two of you, everything always seems to be perfect. He's also well received by your friends - everyone likes him and he gets along really well with your friends. But as soon as you ask if you don't want to do something with his friends or family, he seems to block. Every time he has a new excuse why they don't have time this weekend or why it doesn't fit. You should be puzzled here. Does he hide your relationship in general and is not open to you? Then urgently ask yourself, and him too, why he is doing this. Because if he is as happy with you as you are with him, and he too can imagine a future, there would be nothing against you getting to know his friends.

3. You do not argue

Perhaps you are wondering about this point because until now you thought that it was a good sign if you weren't arguing? Basically, a relationship that is just arguing is, in most cases, not happy either. However, if you never argue, you should also question the reasons: If you are always honest with one another and simply have no points of friction, then that is a great sign. However, if he just makes it easy for himself and you notice that things bother him, but he doesn't address them, that's bad. A good relationship is based on honest communication and disputes connect you as a couple, create trust and weld you even closer together. If he never says what really bothers him, you have to ask yourself if he does that, because he cannot imagine a long-term future with you anyway and for this reason sees no point in resolving conflicts.

4. He's not being honest

Honesty is the most important foundation in a relationship. In order to have a happy partnership not only in the short term, but in the long term, it is a prerequisite to always give your counterpart the honest opinion. If you find that he is not being honest with you, or even lying to you, he is abusing and destroying your trust, which is the worst thing for a partnership. You should find out to what extent he's not being honest with you and talk to him. Ask him why he's lying to you. Either you get an explanation or you notice that he is still not telling the whole truth: If the latter occurs, you should urgently question the meaning of the relationship.

5. He's cheating on you

This point is actually such a clear indication that you are neither right for him nor right for you - and yet so many women stay with their husbands after being cheated on. Of course, the general conditions always play a role: From what situation did the fraud occur, did he honestly say it immediately afterwards, does he still have contact with the other afterwards and how does he deal with it? Basically, an affair is always a sign that something seems to be going very wrong in your relationship. If you still want to stay together, you should work intensively with your partner on it.

6. He doesn't make you feel good

In a happy relationship in which everyone loves each other, the most important thing should be to want to make each other feel good and to do so. Of course, not everything can always be peace, joy, pancakes: Nevertheless, we should always be careful not to hurt the other. When you find that he doesn't seem to care about your feelings and needs and that he puts his own above yours, he doesn't really seem to care. At this point, it's important to protect yourself and listen to whether this relationship is still good for you.

7. He is all about sex

Things are going really well for you in bed: Of course, this is not always a sign that you are not the one for him, but something entirely positive. It only becomes critical at the point at which you realize that your relationship has not reached any other level. If you only meet to sleep together, but do not do anything else and do not have in-depth conversations, your relationship lacks the basis. If so, try to do something about it: suggest that you go out to dinner or do something with friends. You will see how he reacts.

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