What do these symbols mean 1

List of symbols in the notification line

symbolimportanceDirect link to the table entry

Indicates that the device volume is up vibrate stands.[1]Direct link

The device is in mode Silent and will not make notification tones. Direct linkThe mobile data is activated and the device is currently logged into the GPRS network.[2]Direct link

The mobile data is activated and the device is currently logged into the LTE / 4G network. 4G and LTE are used synonymously and depend on the (general) branding.Direct linkThe symbol shows that the device is currently connected to a cellular network and the strength of the reception (relative as a bar). Direct link

The device currently has no network reception, for example because the network operator does not provide network coverage in the region in which you are currently, no SIM card is inserted, or it is deactivated.[3]Direct linkThe device is logged into an external cellular network, but can still be reached and can make calls (roaming).[4]Direct link

There is currently no SIM card inserted in the device, the SIM card was not recognized or is damaged.[4]Direct link

The option / function Download booster is activated. Direct linkThe WLAN is activated and connected to a network. Direct linkThe symbol indicates that WiFi calling is activated.[5]Direct linkWLAN connection disturbed - can have many causes:
  • no IP address assigned due to poor connection or the DHCP server is incorrectly configured
  • DNS server cannot resolve the Internet address or cannot be reached
  • "no internet": Google server cannot be reached
Direct link

NFC is enabled on the device. Direct linkBluetooth is activated. Direct link

An update is available for the device software.[6]Direct link

USB debugging is activated and the device is currently connected to a PC via USB.[7]Direct linkAt least one entry in the Alarm clock is activated and will in future carry out the set action at the set time (ring or vibrate). Direct linkThe symbol shows the charge status of the battery. In addition, the device is currently being loaded. Direct link

Information that a screenshot of the screen was successfully created. A click on the corresponding line in the notification menu opens the picture.
Direct linkAn exclamation mark indicates that either the screenshot could not be saved for memory reasons or the app has blocked it via the operating system - often with apps (e.g. internet banking) that want to protect sensitive data (from Trojans). Direct link(only Samsung devices with S-Pen) Notice that the S-Pen has been removed from the holder. Direct linkPrivate mode activated (files saved in Private are visible). Direct link

mode Do not bother / "Do not disturb (dnd)" is activated. Direct linkThere are more new / unread notifications than can be shown on the row. The other messages can be viewed by pulling down the notification line.[8]Direct linkProtect your eyes Mode, reduces blue components in the display, symbol appears if, for example, this mode is activated by time selection (useful for night operation)

for Samsung devices too: The function Samsung SmartStay is activated[9]

Direct linkThe app for music recognition Shazam has posted a notification in the news (advertising, chart information, etc.) Direct linkThis icon is used by the Powerful Control app generated.[10]Direct linkThe Audioscrobbler function is activated in an app (last.fm , Spotify and the like).[11]Direct linkNotifications are switched off / blocked (in the settings or as a quick setting).[12]Direct linkApp updates were automatically installed via the Google Play Store. Direct linkThe internal memory of the smartphone is full.[13]Direct linkThe avast Mobile Security & Antivirus app is currently performing actions. Direct linkSince Android 5000! 5.0 "Lollipop" this indicates an active root session[14]Direct linkThe symbol indicates that both the device and the currently used cellular network support Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Direct linkSound playback (e.g. music) is supported by DolbyAudio (currently only on the HTC One M9 as a replacement for BeatsAudio). Direct linkThe Tasker app is active (this does not necessarily mean that profiles are also active, this information can be viewed by pulling down the toolbar) Direct linkThe option Hearing aid is activated in the settings (Phone app -> Settings -> Call settings -> Hearing aids)[15]Direct linkAndroid has recognized that a (new or different) SD card has been inserted into the device, which is currently being prepared for use. The symbol only remains in the notification line until the card has been successfully integrated and can be used. Direct linkThe device is located in the so-called Lights Out Mode and dims, for example, soft-key buttons and the notifications in the notification line.[16][17]Direct linkThe current location is currently being determined or queried by an app (independent of GPS, e.g. via WiFi). Direct linkKaspersky Antivirus & Security [18]Direct linkNorton Antivirus & Security [19]Direct linkSony Xperia Themes App[20]Direct linkSony Xperia Tips app[21]Direct linkRich Communication Suite (RCS) - Joyn[22]
Samsung has the option advanced calls and messages in the settings under links -> further connection settings and activates a kind of SMS successor.[23][24]All other devices should look for an app named Joyn or Message + must be searched for and deactivated to get rid of the icon. Direct linkData saver; "Data Saver" / "Data saving" / "Reduce data consumption" is activated.
Settings - Data Usage - Data Saver; - "Reduces data usage by optimizing visited pages via the Google server" (Android 7, S7) Direct linkApp Pinterest Direct linkMessage "The network may be monitored", which can also be viewed by opening the Quick Settings Bar. The user has stored a root CA certificate in the user-defined store for trusted certification authorities; Connections that are identified by a certificate issued by this CA could be used for so-called man-in-the-middle attacks.[25]

Direct linkThe device is currently connected to another device via WiFi Direct.[26]Direct linkLenovo Smart Switch is in mode Custom set.[27]Direct linkIndicates that apps are running in the background that use additional power.[28]Direct linkThe automatic rotation of the display is deactivated and the display remains in portrait format, regardless of how the device is held.[29]Direct linkChromecast screen mirroring is activated, content is currently being played on another screen.[30]Direct linkSignals that headphones are connected to the device and are being used to output sound.[31]Direct linkVehicle mode is activated. Direct link