Who are the best food bloggers

The web is full of great recipes, dedicated food bloggers and inquisitive hobby cooks. You can find tons of pictures of different dishes. Sometimes good, sometimes rather modest. And sometimes really nice! If you also love great food pictures that inspire the eye with skilful aesthetics and loving harmony, then you will like our food blog list! We clicked through the Austrian food blogger scene and picked out the blogs with the best food pics. And here are the most beautiful food blogs in Austria - at least according to the subjective opinion of 7Hauben:


Whether vegan or meat, breakfast or dessert, nonolicius is all about it for every preference to find the right recipe. The Viennese Nora not only manages to present a colorful mix of dishes, but also these perfectly staged. She always remains true to her style of painting, in which the colorful dishes stand out against a dark background. You like to look a little longer ...


Eva from Foodtastic is a food photographer and stylist and therefore knows exactly what to do, to give even inconspicuous dishes that certain something. She also usually serves her recipes with one personal story or experience, whereby a loving red thread runs through the entire concept. By the way, foodtastic is an absolute must for anyone looking for gluten free recipes are!

Stories on a plate

Be at Florentina Art dishes. And she packs these works of art in stories - So the name Stories on a Plate says it all. And not only online, but also in the cookbook of the same name, which contains menus for various occasions. And also to experience: She passes on her knowledge and experience of food photography and food styling to interested parties in workshops.

Baking Barbarine

At Baking Barbarine, the focus is clearly on the images - and for good reason. Because they really look good enough to eat! And all that without excessive decorative frills. Barbara knows exactly how to best showcase her art of baking - your mouth will water when you click through her blog. A must for baking fans!

Kitchen story

Have when presenting their recipes Food stylists and photographers clearly an advantage. And you can see it at first glance with Carolina and Carina: With Kitchen Story you look twice at each picture and discover it Perfection and creativity harmoniously combined - and delicious recipes at the same time.

Full bodied

With her blog, Jessica proves that training as a food stylist is not necessary in order to create fantastic food pics. She likes to be from Kitchens from all over the world inspire and bring along simple recipes, the results of which are a real eye-catcher - at least when Jessica takes the photos.

Law of Baking

What is immediately noticeable when you research good food blogs: very few of them are run by men. Kevin proves in his blog Law of Baking that a man can also have a special eye for aesthetics and also has a talent for baking. Of Bread and biscuits to cakes and pies you can find tons of great ideas here, which are always accompanied by hungry pictures. So this blog clearly belongs in our list!

With food blogs, it is like most dishes: tastes are different. And Austria has a huge variety of flavors to offer, from which we were only able to present you a small excerpt. But one who can really be seen!

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