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The 10 most beautiful Tasmania sights

With an area of ​​68,400 km², Tasmania is half the size of Switzerland. If you are planning a vacation, you quickly lose track of it. Discover the most important Tasmania sights in our article!

Tasmania sights - the Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park on Tasmania's east coast is one of the most beautiful areas the whole island. Dramatic mountain peaks go almost directly into white sand beaches With picturesque bays - the most famous of these is the famous Wineglass Bay. A place that is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Tasmania sights.

Lead through the national park numerous hiking trails again Freycinet Peninsula Circuit (LINK) for which one is around three days should plan. You can get through the national park faster by car wonderful views you don't have to do without this variant either.

18 other national parks in Tasmania

Of course, Freycinet isn't the only national park in Tasmania. Overall there is 19 national parks. The biggest of these is the Southwest National Park with an area of ​​more than 600,000 hectares. It's only 100 kilometers from the capital, Hobart, to the park's eastern border, so it's easy to get to. In addition to the fantastic landscape there are also many animals to be seen in Southwest National Park.

The Cradle Mountain

The Cradle Mountain inland Tasmania is especially a special highlight for mountaineers. The climb to the 1,545 meter high mountain takes around six hours and leads, among other things, over a long distance Scree fields. Nature is the pearl among Tasmania's sights. From the top of the mountain you have a fantastic one View over the many lakesthat surround Cradle Mountain.

Through the Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park, in which the mountain is located, many meander Hiking trails. For true hiking enthusiasts, this is the Overland Track a great way that Australian wilderness to explore. This leads from Cradle Mountain over around 80 kilometers to Lake St. Clair. Of course there are also many shorter hikes.

The Port Arthur Convict Colony

Great Britain sent from 1833 to the 1850s Detainees with very high sentences and inmates who became rebellious in other institutions Port Arthur. The prison was finally closed in 1877, after which a small one was built there Locality called Port Arthur. The difficult history makes the place one of the most interesting Tasmania sights.

Today in Port Arthur the Ruins of the prison be visited, some of them are still very well preserved. The Prison cells and the church in the Gothic style offer an interesting contrast to the picturesque naturewho have favourited the former prison on the Peninsula in southeast Tasmania surrounds.

The Bay of Fires

In the northeast of the island is the Bay of Fires one of the most beautiful bays in Tasmania. White sand extends there for around three kilometers, this is only interrupted by Rock formationsthat of a lichen dyed red were. The bay doesn't get its name from that, but from Fires that burned on the beachwhen the bay was discovered.

The Bay of Fires is not just for Swimming very popular, but also for Surfing, diving and whale watching.

Impressive Tasmania sight - the Gordon River

Strahan, a small place on the west coast of Tasmania, is the ideal starting point to explore the Gordon River. From there you can reach across the lagoon Macquarie Harbor the river that goes with 193 kilometers is one of the longest rivers in Tasmania. Ride it every day Ships the lower part of the river - an excursion not to be missed. The nature around the Gordon River is breathtaking!

Maria Island

The island of Maria Island off the east coast of Tasmania was entirely opened in 1972 declared a national park. Since then only a few people have lived on the island, but it is still accessible to visitors. Of Triabunna drives out a ferry twice a day to Darlington in the north of the island. From there you can either come on foot or on rented Bicycles across the island - there are no cars or buses there.

There is a lot to see on Maria Island. In Australia they should never be missing Wildlife, live on the island among other things Kangaroos, wombats and panther birds. The remains of one can be seen in Darlington, a former settlement tried industrialization the island. But one of the highlights is definitely that Painted Cliffsthat over time from the water colored red and yellow and were also undermined. Definitely one of the highlights among the Tasmania sights!

Unique Tasmania Attractions - The Nut

In the very northwest of Tasmania is a small place called Stanley. This one is mostly for The Nut known a frozen magma chamberthat is almost 150 meters high and on all sides drops off very steeply. Those who want to enjoy the view from above can either go to the platform hike up or with one Chairlift drive. There are quite a few around Stanley too beautiful beachesfrom which you can get a good look at The Nut.

The Tahune Forest Airwalk

in the Huon Valley about 70 kilometers south of Hobart there is a whole special attraction: There you can on a steel construction in a Height of up to 45 meters wander through the woods and the Treetops admire it up close. The way that more than 600 meters long is, also runs directly over the Huon River.

The Tamar Valley

Along the Tamar Rivers meanders from the city Launceston to the sea through the Tamar Valley tasmanian landscape. This is worth a visit not only because of the beautiful nature, but also because of the many wineriesthat are located on both sides of the river. The perfect rounding off for our little tour through the most beautiful Tasmania sights!