Daily walking increases your running speed

Lose weight without exercise - the 12-3-30 workout increases physical fitness just by walking

A workout in which we "just" walk and build muscle sustainably? Lose weight without having to do extreme sports? The 12-3-30 workout makes it possible. And it also makes any workout grouch to discover this new endurance training for themselves - that's a promise.

The 12-3-30 formula: This woman is behind it

The workout was first launched by US influencer Lauren Giraldo, who spoke openly about her body transformation on her YouTube channel. The Youtuber lost around 13 kilograms within two years, made her lifestyle healthier and was then barely recognizable for some fans. Giraldo now shares the secret of her athletic body: She used a very special fitness routine, namely the 12-3-30 workout.

Losing weight without exercise - this is how the revolutionary training works

The workout consists of the numbers 12 and 3 and 30 and is performed on the treadmill. The number 12 stands for the incline ("Inclince") of the treadmill, so this is set to twelve percent. The training is then carried out at a running speed of 3 km / h - i.e. while walking - which can also be controlled using the functions on the treadmill. The workout is carried out for a total of half an hour. Breaks can be taken as required.

Walking for half an hour sounds easy at first, but don't be fooled. The workout is all about walking, but it makes you sweat at least as much as other endurance training and can work wonders if, like Giraldo, you want to lose weight.

The advantages of the 12-3-30 technique

The 12-3-30 workout is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users, since according to Giraldo, who carries out the workout five times a week, the frequency and duration can be individually adjusted depending on the daily form and fitness level. Due to the relatively short duration of 30 minutes, it is also possible for people with a tighter schedule to incorporate it into their daily routine and thus bring exercise into everyday life in order to get (again) fit step by step.

Since the training does not require fast running or jumping, it is particularly friendly to the joints and - unlike jogging - can be carried out by people of different body weights, different figures and of all ages without harming the body.

If you are still underutilized after the 30 minutes of cardio training, you can also combine the technique with a strength training unit, which will further support muscle building and in many cases can even accelerate weight reduction. So it is hardly surprising that this workout routine promptly triggered a huge internet trend, it supposedly shows how losing weight can work without exercise in the classic sense.

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