Is AirFryer unhealthy to use

Hot air fryer put to the test: does it make healthy fries?

Who can resist the smell of fresh fries? A delicious breeze regularly blows through the streets, especially in city centers. And one of the best childhood memories is definitely the obligatory bag of french fries after jumping into the cool water - nowhere do the golden-yellow potato sticks taste as good as they did in the outdoor pool.

Of course, we all know that fries don't have much to offer besides this incredibly delicious taste. Too much oil, too much salt - simply unhealthy. Nevertheless, every German ends up in the bag or on the plate on average just under 58 kg per year.

Healthy fries thanks to the hot air fryer?

Deep-frying without regrets: That is the goal of our latest editorial test. The test object: the Philips HD9630 / 90 Airfryer XXL. The question: Can you really make delicious and healthy french fries yourself with the hot air fryer?

More and more manufacturers are bringing Airfryer devices onto the market that are supposed to conjure up crispy dishes with little or no fat. Potatoes, meat, fish - everything in the hot air fryer should be crispy and without any greasy fingers.

Sounds great, but it also means that another device will move into the kitchenette - is it worth buying? And are Airfryers a real alternative to stoves and ovens?

Just hot air? The Airfryer can really do that

When frying food, it becomes crispy on the outside and delicious roasted aromas are created. Heavy deep-frying at temperatures between 140 and 190 degrees Celsius, however, leads to increased acrylamide values. Acrylamide has a negative impact on health and is suspected of being carcinogenic.
A new EU regulation stipulates that restaurants and snack bars have to adhere to certain rules with immediate effect in order to contain the formation of acrylamide when preparing meals.

Instead of dipping potatoes and the like in boiling oil, Airfryers simply rely on a lot of hot air. Using hot air technology inside the device, the warm air is evenly distributed around the food and kept in motion. Actually like an oven with a convection function, only much faster and more energy-efficient, and without strong odors during use. In this way, food should be cooked gently. And excess fat moves through a grid into a collecting tray on the floor. In addition to deep-frying, the devices advertise functions such as cooking, grilling and baking. Oh yes, and all at record speed!

In the test: Philips HD9630 / 90 Airfryer XXL editor Marlene tests:
"Yes, I don't like to eat, I don't really like to cook ... As a potato fan I am experienced with fries and am only satisfied with really good fries. Can the Airfryer keep up and the healthy fries really taste good?"

The most important features of the Airfryer XXL:

  • Capacity 1.4 kg
  • Patented hot air technology
  • Fat Removal Technology
  • Analog rotary wheel
  • Temperature range between 80 - 200 ° C
  • Integrated timer with timer (60 minutes)
  • Wattage up to 2225 W.

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The operation of the Philips Airfryer XXL: Plug in and off you go

Operation is very simple: there is only one drawer for the groceries, plus a rotary knob for the temperature and one for the time. The device is operated via a plug and can therefore be connected to any point in the kitchen, the only important thing is to have some free space on the sides. How long certain foods need to be cooked is conveniently written on top of the device or in the manual and cookbook supplied. Since the Airfryer is supposed to work very quickly, I stick to it on the first try.

Tip: With "NutriU" there is already the right app for your smartphone, in which recipes and tips are offered.

The preparation of french fries: Load up, put food in

For homemade French fries, it is recommended to cut floury potatoes into evenly thick slices and soak in salted water for about 10-15 minutes so that the starch comes out. Then pat dry briefly and mix in a bowl with max. 1 tablespoon of oil and some spices. I decided to use classic French fries and spices for my approach, the culinary experiments will come later.

Put everything in the Airfryer, set the regulator to just under 15 minutes, and in between pull out the basket once or twice and shake it back and forth a little. Super easy.

The result of the Airfryer test: homemade, tasty and healthy fries

Yammi! Crisp and golden yellow on the outside, nice and soft and potato-like on the inside. The first test run was successful, but definitely still expandable. My fries look more like wedges, that is, wide and long-cut potato wedges. I'm very satisfied with the taste and I'll definitely try some more DIY fries.

Is it worth using a hot air fryer? Pro Contra

+ easy operation
+ fast and energy-saving
+ works with little or no fat
+ easy to clean
+ There are tips and tricks in the app

- Food cannot be seen while "baking"
- takes up a lot of space on the work surface
- Accessories such as dividers must be purchased separately

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Conclusion: Healthy "frying" is possible

The Airfryer works quickly and reliably - and the result is really impressive and tastes great too. In the long run, however, I would miss the sight of the food while cooking, as everything disappears behind a dark drawer. When baking, I stay with the oven and the stove stays in use. As a healthier alternative to the deep fryer, the Airfryer is a good thing.

Those who like to eat crispy and often have found a great way to save oil and fat with the Airfryer!

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