How do you clean wooden floors safely

Don't worry about beautiful parquet - clean wooden floors quickly and gently

Be it in the living or sleeping area, in the dining room or hallway - wooden floors are enjoying increasing popularity, not least because of their appearance. But when it comes to cleaning, caution is advisable: wooden floors are sensitive to water. So how do you proceed without damaging the flooring? With the right hard floor cleaner, the fear of beautiful parquet is a thing of the past.

Special features of wooden floors

In the case of wooden floors, a distinction is made between parquet, plank floor and laminate, whereby parquet and plank floor are made of pure wood, while laminate is simply a material mixture with fibreboard. Each type of flooring has certain properties:

Parquet is available in different designs, such as chopsticks, mosaic or herringbone parquet. As with plank floors, the surface treatment is decisive for parquet: They are either waxed, oiled or sealed. Wooden floors can swell or shrink depending on the humidity. They are also sensitive to moisture. When cleaning, it is therefore important that as little moisture as possible remains on the floor.

Laminate is usually laid in a wood look, but is also available in a tile or stone look. It consists of a wood fiber board as a carrier layer, a decorative layer and on top of a transparent layer of melamine resin, the so-called overlay. The surface is insensitive to scratches and does not pose a problem in terms of cleaning, but the edges are usually sensitive to moisture - especially if the laminate was improperly installed.

Wipe damp with the hard floor cleaners FC 3 Cordless and FC 5

Due to the moisture sensitivity of wooden floors, it is important to use as little water as possible when cleaning. The hard floor cleaners FC 3 Cordless and FC 5 are particularly suitable for gentle, slightly damp wiping, because they leave only a small amount of residual moisture that dries off completely within a few minutes.

FC 3 Cordless

  • Electronic wiping system
  • Battery operated for cleaning up to 60 m² of floor space
  • One-tank system: fresh water tank for continuous moistening of the microfiber rollers with fresh water
  • Dirty water is stripped off the rollers and collected in a container
  • The slim design makes it easy to clean corners and edges as well as under furniture
  • Up to 90 percent water savings compared to wiping with a mop

FC 5 and FC 5 Cordless

  • 2-in-1 cleaning system: wipes and sucks up the dirty water at the same time
  • Optionally operated with a cable or wirelessly with a battery
  • 2-tank system: The FC 5 has a fresh water and a dirty water tank
  • Two rotating microfiber rollers
  • Self-cleaning function of the rollers in the parking station
  • The position of the rollers enables wiping close to the edge
  • Up to 90 percent water savings compared to wiping with a mop

Important NOTE

Before cleaning with the FC 3 Cordless, loose coarse and fine dirt should be removed from the floor using a vacuum cleaner. Although the FC 5 has a suction function and can suck in small particles, it does not replace cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

Wooden floor cleaning step by step

1. Before wiping, remove dust and coarse dirt on the wooden floors with a vacuum cleaner, cordless broom or conventional broom.

2. Remove the water tank from the FC 3 / FC 5 and fill it up to the mark. Add cleaning agent according to the dosage instructions.

3. Attach the washed rollers to the FC 3 / FC 5, paying attention to the color coding on the device and rollers (blue to blue, green to green).

4. Switch on the device and start cleaning. Move slowly back and forth in lanes. Note: Moisten the FC 5 rollers in the station before using them.

5. After cleaning, remove the dirt container from the device, empty it completely and rinse it with clear water.

6. Remove the microfiber rollers, wash them in the washing machine at 60 ° C without fabric softener and then let them dry.

7. Fully charge battery-operated devices after use - until the LED display lights up continuously.

8. Place the device comfortably on the parking station until the next use, attach rollers to the device.

More tips for cleaning

  • In order to avoid overfilling the dirty water tank, it is advisable to fill the fresh water tank only halfway on the FC 5.

  • When cleaning, you should not stay too long in one place so that the floor does not get too wet.

  • With oiled or waxed wooden floors, care must also be taken not to linger too long in one place, as otherwise the oil or wax can be removed from the wood.

  • Sensitive floors, e.g. B. untreated cork floors should be checked for water resistance in an inconspicuous place.

It all depends on the detergent

To ensure that the wooden floor is not only clean, but also cared for, a cleaning agent should be used for cleaning that contains both cleaning and care components. Which means is the right one for your own wooden floor depends on its surface treatment:

  • Sealed wooden floors: The RM 534 cleaner is suitable for thorough, material-friendly cleaning, refreshment and care of sealed wooden floors (parquet, cork and laminate). Thanks to its moisture protection, the floor is also protected from swelling.
  • Oiled / waxed wooden floors: The RM 535 cleaner with a special care component is suitable for cleaning and caring for oiled or waxed wooden floors. It leaves a streak-free, silk-matt shine and also protects the floor from moisture.

The right product for every need

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