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MIFCOM PC purchase advice: Find the right PC for the purpose

We know that. The selection of possible configurations, e.g. only for 4K gaming, is so extensive these days that it is impossible for a layperson to keep track of things. If other important criteria are added, e.g. that the PC should also be used for image processing, things get even more complicated. The danger here is that incorrectly dimensioning only one of the components that are important for a specific application quickly leads to a drop in performance.

It is precisely for this reason that our intelligent online PC purchase advice was developed. It is based on a fully automated filtering of our over 500 PC systems and laptops offered in the online shop according to certain minimum requirements that are important for your specified purpose. So you can be sure that the requirements will be met. The minimum requirements are transparently displayed on the results page. In addition, of course, you have the option of individually configuring the products in question, e.g. selecting a larger hard drive, a different housing or a larger power supply unit for later upgrades.

Specify your own requirements and consider preferences with the PC purchase advisor

First of all, you have the opportunity to use the Form factor define. Should it be a normal desktop PC, a compact mini PC or a laptop? Simply select the option you want or view all possible housing shapes.

The heart of the PC purchase advice: The specification of the Intended use. Here you have the opportunity to specify your requirements in the most common application areas of gaming, office / multimedia, video processing, multitasking or CAD / image processing. In each area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication you have the option of choosing different levels of ability from beginner to professional / enthusiast. Unless you have any special requirements in certain areas of application, e.g. if you are not editing any videos, you do not need to provide any information. The intelligent purchase advisor takes into account all specified options and suggests results that meet the specified requirements.

Under the point particularities you can specify whether certain features such as particularly quiet cooling (Silent PCs), custom water cooling (completely water-cooled PCs) or a special look (our popular special editions such as Battlebox or Spectrum) are important to you. These properties are combined with the information under "Purpose" so that you always get the right results.

If you have certain preferences in terms of technical properties, e.g. you have always had PCs with Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics cards, you can do so under the point technology specify. This information is also combined with all other information.

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