How do you recognize a bad lawyer?

The five-minute check | This is how you recognize a good lawyer

Whether there is a quarrel with the tenant, the bank, the employer or family members - a visit to a lawyer is almost always inevitable if there are legal problems. But what makes a good lawyer? Do the 5-minute check.

The number of lawyers has almost doubled in the last ten years. According to the Federal Chamber of Lawyers, there were already almost 140,000 licensed lawyers in Germany in 2005. And the trend is increasing!

Under these conditions, it becomes more and more difficult for private individuals to distinguish a good lawyer from a bad one. Because there are many “black sheep”.

A wide range should not be struck only around bunglers and profiteers. Even law firms with a good reputation often offer numerous and versatile lawyers, but they often lack specialist knowledge. The opposite is often found in large, upscale law firms. Here the client usually pays horrific hourly rates for top know-how, which in many cases is not needed at all, warns the business magazine “Capital”.

Find out how well you are advised by your lawyer - and how you can recognize a good lawyer. Do the five-minute check -click here.