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Fascinating math class

Useful, bizarre and useless things from the world of mathematics

On this page you will find 333 bookmarks / links to the chapter: "Fascinating mathematics (teaching)". Here you will find amazing things from the world of mathematics, Fermi problems + mind games, arithmetic tricks + gadgets as well as comments on 'magic numbers', prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio. The fascination of the number pi occupies a larger space, there are also sharp points and hints for its derivation. International and historical units of measurement, names of powers, historical units of length and comments on speed, magic squares, volume calculations and much more.


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Mathematics - link tips, films + literature

Mental arithmetic and arithmetic tricks

Divisibility rules

Computing tricks


Formulas, online calculator + formula games

Circle, pi, cylinder, etc.

Circle and Pi - What is Pi?

Circumference + derivations of pi

Circle area - A geometric derivation of Pi

Volumes with π

Spherical surface - experimental derivation

Cylinder volume + pizza theorem


Special numbers:
Sublime numbers, perfect numbers, lucky numbers

Number mysticism, number symbolism + number codes: 7 - 13 - 18 - 23 - 40 - 42 - 666

Prime numbers and the Sheldon prime number 73