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Definition: what is advertising?

Advertising is the promotion of goods, services or ideas. It is part of the so-called marketing mix and one of the most important instruments of marketing communication. Advertising is intended to persuade or inform the general public and can be used as an incentive to buy, to increase brand awareness or to differentiate products. In general, advertising in business communication means the addressing of sales markets.

It is made up of two main components: the message and the medium through which it is conveyed. Various media serve as advertising media: print, TV, radio, internet or ambient media. Furthermore, a distinction must be made between mass advertising (e.g. commercial) and direct advertising (e.g. via email). As a rule, advertising is intended to provide information and to arouse the trust of potential consumers by building an image. The advertising measures carried out highlight the benefits and awaken new needs.


  1. Brands use commercials and advertisements to draw attention to their product, create trust and a need among consumers. As a result, the product is better marketed and sales increased.
  2. Political parties use posters and speeches to attract voters.
  3. Aid organizations solicit donations for their good cause.

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