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An article on happiness and success. Don't confuse luck with success

Our environment is not made up of happy people, but happy people meet. It is quite difficult to overcome the envy of those who easily go through life and do not stumble over obstacles. Previously, such phenomena were explained for supernatural reasons: luck - witchcraft, failure - curses.

Positive psychology has proven that problems can at least be caused by failures in parenting programs, which means it is also possible to take a happy break. We have put together 18 principles of conduct to help you shape your life in good times.

1. How we accept the gifts of fate

The lucky one unconditionally believes that he is lucky and never comes around by the chance of circumstances. After a loser meets a celebrity on the street, they won't ask for a selfie together because they think they'll refuse. Likewise wherever minimal activity is required to get a price (living with cheap rent, trendy items from sale, dream job)

2. What our thoughts do

It is important when we notice a happy break when we are in the right place at the right time. You're unlikely to notice a life-changing surprise. Fear interferes with openness and observation.

3. Do we know how to relax?

A person who is totally unhappy is also totally trying to keep everything under control. And he regularly receives confirmation that this is impossible because he has already put a lot of effort into it. The lucky one knows that giving up a confusing situation is often the best way to resolve it. Life is fluid and things can change for the better while you have coffee with friends.

4. Do we notice our contributions?

Happiness is a subjective concept. From the outside it seems that the lucky ones do nothing, but they also take care of accommodation and food, are responsible and get tired. However, they would rather praise themselves for the slightest effort than be cursed for imperfections. The result is the result, but in any case, tell yourself that you are smart and that life will sparkle with new colors.

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5. Do our strengths work?

Before attempting to break open the doors, look around for an open window. Someone takes the mind, someone with charm, and someone enters a completely different competition. The lucky ones prefer the easy route and can calmly refuse to argue for victory if they understand that the odds are slim. You won't deserve all of the awards, but getting how you feel on a horse is easy.

6. Do we know how to feel the moment?

Something has to wait if it's really worth the wait. Analyze the situation and choose the appropriate case instead of rushing to the front in the most strenuous fight. Don't give bad news to your boss once he returns from a difficult business. One bad moment in your life will be less.

7. In what framework do we live?

"You won't pay much in this market." "This man is too good to like me." "I still have little experience to take on such a task," say the losers. And they find that someone earns a lot more, encounters the "unevenness" and gains experience solving difficult problems along the way. The lucky ones do not come from limitations, but from desires. It will work or not - only practice will tell.

8. How insidiously self-esteem denies us

Losers are static in their self-image - "I am a shy person", "I was brought up to be hardworking." The lucky one knows that the old woman has a hole, but by and large he is the owner of the best qualities. In return, you can allow yourself to be greedy, lazy, or "pretend to be a fool". It is easy for him to forgive himself for minor shortcomings because he does not attribute them to himself forever.

9. Do we submit to happiness?

A large amount of positive emotions go past the loser because he does not know how to be happy. Luck is not very clear to him, so it's easier to wipe it off and keep waiting for fantastic luck. Good luck needs to be respected even in the smallest of things, so we will hear from the lucky one how lucky they are with the weather, and we will not hear from the one who did not notice.

It is fatal to rely on Providence and do nothing more to those who are unlucky than real henchmen of fate.

10. Do we believe in a really happy break?

Do you have to try to explain everything rationally? After all, coincidences also happen, even if we never tried to visualize them. Science and technology, on the other hand, can easily confuse us - even the most advanced inventions break down. The lucky ones don't look for reasons and analysis, they just enjoy what happens when there is such a reason.

11. Do we hear our impulses?

Homework-friends-rest is a classic scheme. Joys are also habit. A loser clings to his comfort zone because he is afraid of losing what is. The lucky one trusts his inner voice and is more likely to seize the new when the old has outlived his own. Successfully change homes, find love, and suddenly get rich-growing cabbage. Just because I wanted to.

12. Do we deal with failure?

Looking for pluses in minuses is a useless activity, they are not there. Plus, when we dive into the negative, we only feel it more sharply. The advantages always exist separately, and to find them the disadvantages must be pushed aside. The lucky ones focus on the areas where everything develops, they strive there wholeheartedly. From there the strength is taken to decide everything else.

13. Are we shifting responsibility to fate?

An important characteristic of the lucky ones is independence, but those who cannot handle it can fall into the fantasy that everything is in the hands of Providence. The effect can be different - give up completely, no longer perceive reality or get stuck in anticipation of happiness. For a successful person, happiness is not what he puts on, just the background on which he acts.

14. Are there any signs of bad luck around us?

Anyone who believes in their own failure will put up with a bad deed in their address, unfavorable terms and insults. At the same time, the lucky one will not take this into their happy aura at all, or they will simply be surprised - why should they? - and will pass.

15. Do we live in harmony with ourselves?

The theory of psychology assumes that the subconscious of the world and humans are inextricably linked. If we go against ourselves, do not do what we want, and constantly struggle with the inner world, this war will surely find expression in external circumstances. If your soul asks for peace and quiet, even if you have enough experience and qualifications, you will have catastrophic bad luck in job interviews.

16. How we see life

A happy event is a loose concept. For an honestly lucky person, a bus that arrives after a long wait can be a wonderful coincidence. A loser will say they were unlucky and had to freeze before they got home. The realism is that this is common and can happen to anyone. Being lucky is easy - realizing that the same glass of water is half full and not empty.

17. Are we ready to take risks?

Those unlucky may be intimidated by the opportunity to take risks and change their lives. However, for the lucky ones, these are only promotions with a non-guaranteed result. In fact, nobody has any guarantees, but the first robs itself of potential happiness and the second gets opportunities (which in itself is enough for happiness with an optimistic approach).

18. Are we afraid of a "happy" status?

Funny but true. Many won't even say goodbye to the most treacherous fate simply because happiness is scary, unusual, and kind of naive. Believing that serious adults must have problems will subtly lead them to be on their own. Happy people seem superficial and immature to them like little children. This is a straightforward way of looking at happiness itself as a fairy tale and an empty fiction.

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- three sought-after travel companions for each person. These categories determine the characteristics of the relationship between man and space and are, in one way or another, connected to some degree.

Contrary to popular belief that success, luck and happiness unpredictable and moody - they are all natural and accordingly can be drawn into your life. With some development in the human energy system, these features appear almost inevitably.

Let's look at each concept individually.


Success is usually understood as achieving a set goal, public recognition, and positive outcome.

Let's consider what success is from an energetic point of view.

Let us first use the word " success". Words are not just a collection of sounds, often the word itself contains information about the concept it stands for. I offer my version of the formation of the word" success ". Consists of two parts - the prefix" y "and the root "hurry". The prefix "u" means - near, near, near. The root "hurry" is associated with the concepts - hurry, hurry. Together it turns out - about a hurry or near a hurry, which is the essence of success conveyed pretty precisely.

At the center of every success is on the one hand the activity, activity, concentration and systematics of the efforts made - this is the level. On the other hand, a feeling for the situation, an understanding of the needs, the ability to seize opportunities, creativity - qualities. There may be a high intensity of work, a full life plan, but there will be no rush or fuss. Hurrying takes time and resources and thus transfers awareness to one level - a level of struggle for survival. Achieving success at this level is a very poor prospect.

To be successful, it is important to find a balance between your own efforts and the opportunities presented by the current situation.

Remember the pictures of successful people. They are characterized by: determination, discipline, self-discipline (sometimes following the ritual of some actions), self-control, planning and at the same time living in the flow, on the wave. This is the result of the joint action of the developed Manipura chakra and the developed Vishuddhi chakra. In addition, both are relatively balanced.

The stories of successful people show that they don't just use logic and computation - they know how to recognize and understand the signs that space sends them.

In addition, for business people involved in production and trade, Manipura dominates more often and Vishudha more often dominates with creative people.


luck - This is one such relationship with space in which the developed and balanced Vishuddha chakra clearly dominates.

The word " luckSays the person is being driven. In this case we are talking about energy, energy flow, energy wave. The ability to ride a wave of energy is the level of consciousness of the Vishuddhi chakra.

A person at this level feels the waves of energy and can use them. His actions are often intuitive and not always predictable even to oneself.

From the outside, such a person's actions may seem illogical or generally irrational, but they usually end well or successfully, which can constantly surprise "normal" people. You just can't understand how it turns out. And it's impossible to understand anything here - this level of relationship with the world is contrary to logic. You cannot logically come to happiness or train it - you can only reach that level through certain spiritual work.


luck - Another manifestation of the level of consciousness of the Vishuddhi chakra, only in this phase of development, when the transition to the next level has already been outlined - the level.

First I will give the interpretation of the word luck For me, it sounds like. The word "happiness" also has two parts - "u" and "dacha". "U" has already been considered in this article, and "dacha" is associated with words such as "give", "distribute". Accordingly, the word "happiness" can be interpreted as the ability to be where they give or near the place where they give. In the general case, we are talking about energy in any manifestation - material or subtle.

A good synonym for this word in English is the word pioneer (pioneer - literal translation - near the cake), which means - to be near the cake or near a treat.

Since this is the level of the Vishudhi chakra, happiness presupposes action, activity and additional vibrations of the Ajna chakra that fill these actions with spiritual will and intuitive insights. A person at this level can be in the right place at the right time and at the right time - where there are "tidbits" in every form. This often takes the form of a favorable chance or chance. It seems that fate itself guides such a person by the hand.

As a result, the actions of a lucky person are more effective than the actions of a successful person or a lucky person.

P.S. - are a consequence of a certain developmental stage of human consciousness associated with the Vishudha chakra and naturally begin to accompany a person as soon as they have reached this level.

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In 1997 Warren Buffett, a well-known billionaire investor, proposed a thought experiment.

“Imagine a ghost comes to you 24 hours before you are born. He says you can define the rules of the society you live in and you can design whatever you want. You can develop social, economic, and government rules. And they will prevail in your life and in the lives of your children and grandchildren. But there is a condition. They don't know whether you were born rich or poor, male or female, sick or healthy in the United States or Afghanistan. All they know is that you have one chance in 5.8 billion. "

"In other words - continues Buffettthey will take part in what I call the lottery of life... And that is the most important thing that will ever happen to you in your life. This determines your life path more than the school you go to, your hard work, etc.».

Buffett has long been a proponent of the role of luck in success. In his 2014 annual letter he wrote: " By blind luck, Charlie (his business partner) and I were born in the United States and we are forever grateful for the overwhelming benefits this turn of fate has brought us. ".

Hence, it is difficult to deny the importance of happiness and chance in life. Indeed, these factors play a crucial role. But let's look at the second story.

Project 523 story

In 1969, in the fourteenth year of the Vietnam War, a Chinese researcher was named Do yuyu was appointed head of a secret research group in Beijing. The project was only known by its code name: Project 523.

China was an ally of Vietnam and Project 523 was created to develop anti-malarial drugs that can be administered to soldiers. This disease was a big problem back then. Almost as many Vietnamese soldiers died of malaria as in combat.

Do yuyu started his work. She read stories about ancient folk remedies. I've been looking for ancient texts that are thousands of years old.Traveled to remote areas of the country in search of plants that may contain medicines.

After several months of work, her team came up with a list of nearly 2,000 possible remedial actions. Slowly and methodically Do The list of potential drugs was narrowed to 380 and individually tested in laboratory mice.

"This was the most difficult phase of the project" She remembered. "Very time-consuming work, especially when you have one setback after another.".

Hundreds of tests were done. Most ended up with nothing. But one attempt - an extract from the sweet wormwood plant Qingao - seemed promising. Do loved the opportunity, but despite their best efforts, the laboratory only occasionally produced effective antimalarial drugs. It didn't always work.

Her team had already worked for two years, but she decided she had to start over. Do Revised each test and reread each book looking for a clue she'd missed. Then, as if by magic, the woman came across a sentence in the Emergency Recipe Guide, an ancient Chinese text that was written over 1,500 years ago.

It turned out that the whole secret was in the right cooking temperature. If it was too high during the extraction process, the active ingredient was destroyed. Do The experiment was redesigned using lower boiling solvents and eventually got a malaria drug that worked 100% of the time.

It was a big breakthrough, but the real work was just beginning.

The power of hard work

With the proven drug available, it is time for human trials. Unfortunately, there were no centers in China testing new drugs at the time. And due to the secrecy of the project, there could be no question of going to an out-of-country facility.

Researchers are at a dead end.

Exactly then Do volunteered as the first person to test the drug. In one of the boldest steps in medical history, she and two other participants took part Project 523 fell ill with malaria and received the first doses of her new medicine.

It worked.

Despite the fact that she discovered a breakthrough drug and was ready to risk her life, Do It was forbidden to share their discoveries with the outside world. The Chinese government had strict rules that blocked the publication of scientific information.

She ignored it. Do Continuing research, finally studying the chemical structure of the drug - a compound officially known as artemisininand continued to develop a second antimalarial drug.

It wasn't until 1978, almost ten years after starting work and three years after the end of the Vietnam War, that I started working Do was eventually released outside of China. She had to wait until 2000 before the World Health Organization recommended a drug to protect against malaria.

Treatment to this day artemisinin has been prescribed for malaria patients over 1 billion times. It is believed that he saved millions of lives. Do yuyu is the first Chinese citizen to receive a Nobel Prize and the first ethnic Chinese to receive the Lasker Prize for her contributions to medicine.

Luck or hard work?

You can't say that Do yuyu awesome good luck. My favorite thing about her is that she had no graduate school, no overseas research experience, and no membership in any of China's national academies - an accomplishment that earned her the nickname "Professor of the Three Nos."

But damn it, she was hardworking. Persistent. Conscientious. She has not given up in decades and has saved millions of lives as a result. Your story is a prime example of how important hard work is to success.

A minute ago it seemed reasonable that the lottery of life would have determined a large part of your life's success, but the idea that hard work is important is just as reasonable. When you work hard, you usually get better results than with less effort. While we cannot deny the importance of happiness, hard work is important.

So what determines success? Hard work or luck? Effort or coincidence? I think we all understand that both of these factors play a role, but I want to give you a better answer than when, how.

Here are two ways to look at the problem.

Absolute versus relative success

One way to answer this question is to say, “Happiness is more important in an absolute sense and hard work in a relative sense.

An absolute view takes into account your success compared to everyone else. What makes someone the best in the world in a certain field? Success at this level is almost always due to luck. Even if you make a good first choice - for example Bill GatesAnyone who has chosen to start a computer business cannot consider all of the factors that determine world-class results.

Greater success is usually determined by a combination of extreme and unlikely circumstances. It's often a combination of the right genes, the right connections, the right timing, and a thousand other accidents that no one can predict.

In general, greater success is determined by a combination of extreme and unlikely circumstances.

Let us now consider relative success, which takes into account your level of success compared to that of your own species. How about the millions of people who received the same level of education, grew up in similar areas, or were born with similar genetic talent? All of these people do not get the same results. The more local the comparison becomes, the more hard work will determine success. If you compare yourself to someone who is similarly lucky at birth, the difference will depend on your habits and choices.

Absolute success is luck. Relative success - choices and habits.

An important point emerges from this definition: the more important the results, the greater the role of happiness. That is, if you become more successful in the absolute sense, we can ascribe more of your success to happiness.

As he wrote Nassim Taleb in the "Deceived by accident", “Moderate success can be attributed to skill and work. Significant success - variance ".

Both stories are true

Sometimes people have trouble accepting both ideas at the same time. There is a tendency to discuss results both globally and locally.

The absolute view is more global. What explains the difference between an American-born wealthy person and a person born in extreme poverty who lives on less than $ 1 a day? From now on, when you talk about success, people say something like, “How can you not see the benefit? Don't you understand how much the first person got through luck?

The relative view is more local. What explains the difference in performance between you and everyone who went to the same school, grew up in the same area, or worked for the same company? When you look at success from a local perspective, you say things like: "Are you kidding me? Do you know how much I've worked? Do you understand the choices and sacrifices I have made while others haven't? Declaring my success as happiness devalues ​​my hard work. If my success is due to happiness or the environment, why didn't my neighbors, classmates or colleagues achieve the same thing? "

Both stories are true. It depends on which side you look at life.

Tendency to success

Another way to examine the balance between happiness and hard work is to assess how success affects life over time.

Imagine if you could compare success on a graph. Success is measured along the axis Y.... The time is measured along the axis X.... and when you were born, the ticket you pulled from the Buffett lottery will be determined on the axis Y.... If you are lucky, you start higher. Those born in more difficult circumstances are listed below.

Here's the key: you can control the slope of your success, not your starting position.

In Atomic Habits I wrote: “It doesn't matter how successful you are now. What matters is that your habits determine your path to success. You need to worry much more about your current trajectory than your current results. "

You can control the balance of your success, not your starting position.

With a positive bias and enough time and effort, you can even restore what was lost in failure. I think this is a good quote to sum it up: "The more time has passed since the start of the race, the less important the place where everyone started."

Of course, this is not always the case. Serious illness can destroy your health. A failed pension fund can rob you of your retirement provision. Likewise, luck sometimes offers a permanent advantage (or disadvantage). In fact, one study found that when success is measured by wealth, the most successful people are almost certainly those with moderate talent and remarkably lucky.

In any case, one does not exist without the other. Both luck and hard work often play a more important role over time.

This applies not only to overcoming mistakes, but also to harnessing luck. Bill Gatesmaybe incredibly happy to run Microsoft At the right time in history, but without a decade of hard work, the opportunity would have been missed. Time destroys any advantage. At some point, happiness takes hard work if you are to seek sustainable success.

How to get the best of luck on your side

By default, you cannot control your luck. However, understanding the role it plays and how it works is helpful so you can prepare for when the moment to act will come.

In his fantastic lecture You and Your Research, mathematician and software engineer Richard Hamming summed up everything you need to do a great job: “Indeed, the element of happiness is both important and not. The prepared mind sooner or later finds something important and does it. So yeah it's luck. The special thing you do is luck, but if it doesn't occur to you, you are doing something wrong. ".

You can increase the chances of happiness by taking action. Anyone who covers more areas with their work is confronted with a lot of useless, but is also more likely to come across something successful. Gary player, a renowned golfer and winner of nine major championships, said: "The harder I train, the happier I get.".

After all, we cannot control our happiness, but we can control our efforts and preparations. Happiness smiles at us from time to time. And when that happens you should be ready for hard work to get the most of it.

How can you determine luck, success or luck with a horoscope?

What is luck"?

Happiness is a positively perceived event that arises as a result of random, unpredictable, or neglected circumstances in a person's life.

People say, "The man is lucky."

For example, a man went through the market and found a wallet that contained a lot of money. The man called the owner of the wallet without hesitation and reported the find. The owner of the wallet turned out to be a major shareholder who offered the man help in starting a large company. As a result, the man became a great businessman. That is, a certain chain of events (found-given-received) and the right choice contributed to happiness in a person's life.

What is "Success"?

Success is the achievement of the set goals in a conceived company, a positive result of something, the public recognition of something or someone.

People say, "Water does not flow under a lying stone."

For example, a person was born into a very poor family with drinking parents. He did not differ in special talents and abilities, but thanks to his work, patience and dedication, he was able to build a big house for himself, start a harmonious family, make a career and become a successful person. That is, a person could develop some traits in himself and become successful.

What is luck"?

Happiness is a troubling event that leads to an outcome that is best expected in a given situation.

People say, "Fools are lucky."

For example, a person goes on a trip who has waited three years. He had already bought a plane ticket but was late for his flight because the car he was driving to the airport broke down on the way. The man was upset and returned home. However, on the evening news, he learned that the plane he was supposed to fly on the trip had crashed.

So we got the definition of the concepts: happiness, success, happiness.

We now understand the difference between these three concepts.

Happiness is an unexpectedly good event that can lead to another chain of positive events.

Success is achieved through effort and purpose.

Happiness is an alarming event that leads a person into a stressful situation, but then it turns out what would be best for the person themselves. "The lesser is chosen from two evils," but this choice does not depend on the will of the person himself.

What are the indicators of the horoscope that give happiness?

The horoscope I am offering for your consideration is the horoscope of a person who was destined to be lucky.

Roman Abramovich (Asc in the silent catfish degree); February 10, 1966; 22:13:56; +4; Saratov, Saratov Region, Russia; 51N34; 46E02; M; ;;

Roman Abramovich's horoscope

A brief story of the life of Roman Abramovich is as follows: his mother died when he was exactly one year old, and his father (a Jew) died when the boy was about 2.5 years old. Roman was adopted by his paternal uncle.

When the time came for Roman Abramovich to get a passport, his uncle (a Jew) told him that he could even take his mother's Russian surname, even his father's Jewish surname, for himself. At the same time, his uncle warned him that it would be difficult to live with a Jewish surname in the USSR. And then came the time to vote for Roman, which he made in favor of the Jewish surname.

In addition, Roman Abramovich's life story continued with the fact that (during the perestroika period) he got a job as a personal driver for the Jew Berezovsky, who gave him the "keys" to the egregore of money and power. Today Roman Abramovich is one of the most famous billionaires in the world.

What indicators of his horoscope contributed to this happiness?

The first happiness factor is one of the "Aspects of Cinderella".

The key planet of the "Aspects of Cinderella" is Chiron - the planet that gives the keys to a person. At the same time, Chiron should be in trine (120 degrees) or quickons (150 degrees) to Neptune, Jupiter or Venus. In the horoscope under consideration there is a trine between Chiron and Neptune.

If a person has an "aspect of Cinderella" in their horoscope, they will surely face a situation of sadness and forced grave suffering in childhood when they were like an "ugly duckling". However, believing in a miracle, believing in love and happiness will add to a lot of happiness in his life. Sometimes a whole generation of people is born with the "aspect of Cinderella" told in fairy tales and believing in a bright future, in a miracle. This aspect enables them to pull out of their miserable existence but feel happy. This is the "Cinderella Aspect". When a person has such an aspect in his horoscope, even if he has acquired wealth, happiness and good fortune, he will still be meek and still be gracious to the weak and disadvantaged. On the other hand, like Cinderella from a fairy tale, he will be diligent, but very often his work has the character of a certain ephemeral infinity and uselessness. Let's remember the story of how Cinderella endlessly sorted out grain, swept the floor and washed dishes.That is, some kind of endless rough hell work is being carried out. It's like hell, where sinners keep rubbing against black oil pigs and the devils keep throwing them.

"Aspect of Cinderella" gives a person a sense of sinfulness. That is, a person is internally ready for a state of wonder, enlightenment, but at the same time he is not confident and hopes for a miracle or someone (more influential) who will become his patron or support him.

The second luck factor is the ability to make the right choice for planet number 3.

Planet number 3 is the planet of the septic and is in third place from the beginning of the zodiac. This is the planet of choice. A person's fate depends on the choice on this planet at the right time and at the right hour. For Roman Abramovich, it was necessary to make the right choice for Venus, which stands at 3/3 of the Libra, the public court sector.

He had to make a choice:

Choose a father's disregarded Jewish last name while becoming an outcast in society but sticking to your little family good.

Choose a mother's last name, which would give him peace of mind in society but would make him a traitor to his Jewish father's relatives who fed and raised him.

That is, the second success factor in a person's life should be precisely the situation of choice that has arisen: to have a personal benefit or to act according to his conscience in a human way.

So only a person with positive moral traits has a chance of happiness and not just someone who takes something that is “badly located” (for example in the case of a wallet).

We can therefore conclude that the first comer is out of luck. Luck is one factor that tests a person for lice. It should be added that the test for "lice" can take place many times in a person's life. In this case, the Russian people have another saying: "Happiness has turned away from a person."

These are two very important factors in the horoscope that contribute to happiness.

What are the indicators of the horoscope that contribute to success?

The horoscope that I am offering for your consideration is the horoscope of a person who has managed to develop and use the characteristics of their horoscope to their full extent.

Bill Gates; October 28, 1955; 22:00:30; -8th; Seattle, Washington, USA; 47 ° 36 23 N; 122 ° 19 51 W; M; ;;

Bill Gates horoscope

When Bill was 11 years old, he was keen to win a competition (lunch in an expensive city restaurant) organized by a local pastor. To win, one had to memorize the "Sermon on the Mount," which contains three chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. Bill did the job flawlessly.

Bill was painfully shy and not communicative, he wasn't interested in his colleagues' games. A skilled psychologist who checked the boy saw a strong character behind his defenselessness and told his mother that she couldn't change her son. The only way out is to adapt to him.

Bill Gates is an eccentric genius of the devil (his sun in conjunction with Lucifer) who uses his mind in subtle ways. For example, Bill sometimes arranges dinner for a hundred people at his mansion. Anyone who agrees to pay $ 1 million for a ticket can take part. All funds raised go to the Duke University Development Fund. That said, it is very important for Bill Gates to be remembered with a kind word ...

In Bill Gates' horoscope we no longer see "aspects of Cinderella" and in his life stories it is impossible to read anything heartbreaking, random or wonderful. In front of us: a man with a strong character and his own value system who worked hard and developed the positive characteristics of his horoscope.

A successful person should always be goal-oriented (good Saturn) and have a strong will (Mars). That is, both Mars and Saturn in the horoscopes of successful people must be very strong planets.

The main condition for a successful person is a goal and a will (good Saturn and strong Mars).

In any case, success is one such trait when a person, recognizing their horoscope strengths and weaknesses, is able to develop those traits that will lead them to success.

However, to develop these traits you must again have the potential of Mars and Saturn.

It should also be noted that the concept of “successful” implies a comparative aspect. That is, a person can only be successful in comparison to another person. This means that the success factor always implies the infusion of a person into some kind of great collective egregor. It means that in the horoscope of a successful person egregorial planets - the planets of the higher octave: Neptune, Uranus or Pluto should be expressed.

Even in the horoscopes of successful people, there must be a sextile / trine (60/120 degrees) between the very important planet of the horoscope and the lunar nodes ... That is, a person must at the time in which he lives "fit" to the qualities of this planet. It is this planet that must be used in order to have success in life.

In Bill Gates' horoscope we see one such planet - Mercury. And he became successful because of his intelligence and commercial prowess.

What are the indicators of the horoscope that contribute to happiness?

When happiness depends on the moral characteristics of the person and a series of causal events ...

When success depends on commitment, will and the development of the best personality traits ...

This happiness depends only on the best practices of our previous incarnations.

Happiness itself does not mark personality traits. It's either there or it's not. In addition, happiness can appear for different people in different walks of life: one is lucky for money (he went and found a ruble), another is lucky for love (everyone falls in love with him), the third is lucky on the street (he is late, but jumps in the last car) etc. .d.

In horoscopes happy ones are marked with sextiles (Aspect 60 degrees). The more sextiles there are in a person's horoscope, the more happiness they are.

Since the aspect of the sextile is fickle, luck is also a factor in random circumstances. It should be noted that at the moment of happiness, the aspect of a square (90 degrees) can be triggered, since very often the sextile is realized in periods of squares.

Even the song says, "I'm not lucky in life - lucky in love." That's the way it is. Everyone has their own luck. And it happens when the desired sextile, square, connection, or some karmic aspect is formed. However, the main indicators of happiness should be right there in the natal.

It is therefore impossible to plan happiness according to the luck factor uranus connects.

For many years I have been researching horoscopes and the living conditions of people who have survived mass disasters. The fact that I discovered in these people's horoscopes simply surprised me: All of these people had in their natal charts configuration "Bisextil" (60-120-60). When I communicated with these people, I learned that these people were passionate supporters of a humane attitude towards nature, refused to kill any forest animals, and nowhere was trash. These people managed to suffer minimal injuries or miraculously avoided them during terrible mass disasters (for example, they were late for their flight, which later crashed and in other cases).

This means that people who have not violated the ecological balance in their past incarnations are protected from dangers by nature itself in this incarnation.

Quite possiblethat people who have not violated the law of matter-energy in their past incarnations are lucky with money; People who have not broken the oath of loyalty, who have not committed betrayal in love, are rewarded in this incarnation with the fate of meeting their true "soul mate", or they are simply lucky in love; People who feed hungry animals, show mercy to the poor and do not live hand to mouth in their next incarnations, in need and poverty.

In the happiness horoscope there should be sextiles (better "bisextiles") and a good strong Uranus.


For some time (as an astrologer) I have served people who are addicted play in the casino... It got to the point that I could calculate the exact time (up to minutes) when to place a bet. I responsibly affirm that the concepts of “luck”, “success” and “luck” have nothing to do with gambling.

Completely different indicators work in the horoscopes of good gamblers.

Accidents are not a coincidence - the laws of luck actually exist. Happiness depends on certain factors. When you know which factors can make you your constant companion.

Many people are used to thinking that happiness is only temporary. In fact, the opposite is true. Happiness is a process that obeys its own strict laws. The knowledge you gain from reading this article will overnight transform your perception of life and your personal success in general.

What our happiness depends on

Research by parapsychologists in this area shows that happiness is nothing more than a pattern of random events that depend directly on human psychology. There is also an esoteric point of view that insists that capricious fortunes can be attracted in a number of ways. Every opinion is partially true. But in order to understand the laws according to which happiness is or is absent in our life, it is necessary to forget all that you know for a few minutes and to prepare your mind for new information.

8. Increased self-esteem.Losers are usually insecure people. Against the background of the lucky ones, they are distinguished by restraint and shyness. A successful person is not afraid of being branded as ignorant, lazy or idiot and saying: “So what? It happens to everyone? "In any case, the winner is the one who does not give in to difficulties and is not afraid to learn from mistakes.

9. Respect for happiness.Imagine a situation: you tried, worked, and turned away from you just because you are too good. Cognitive dissonance, right? Likewise, happiness does not understand why it came to you and you are all waiting for trouble. Look forward to the happy opportunity and he will definitely come back and invite several companions with him.

10. Inappropriate conclusions.Losers make the deadly mistake of believing that if they are lucky, it must be for something. Successful people just enjoy the moment. It should have been like that. The search for the truth often spoils the happy moment when it is time to start acting and not grapple with the origins and causes.

11. Habits.Any pleasure can be turned into a familiar way of life, a routine. Until the new becomes a habit it brings happiness, but once it becomes part of life it turns into something mundane and joyless. Life is dynamic and requires constant pushing out of your comfort zone. Yes, it's warm and cozy, but terribly boring.

12. Dealing with mistakes.You don't have to go into detail and remember your mistakes. The conclusion you reached the first time after thinking about the situation is helpful and enlightening. The rest of the self-criticism just puts you in negative energy. The lucky ones look for new opportunities - and new mistakes.

13. Personal responsibility.Shifting responsibility to others is the last thing. No need to blame people, events, fate for your mistakes - blame yourself. Your personal happiness lies in your hands, for which you are primarily responsible for yourself.

14. Happy aura.It's simple: belief in bad luck attracts bad luck, while hope for the best attracts luck. Faith determines your future fate. So be careful when working with this powerful weapon.

15. Fight with yourself.You cannot go reckless and completely disregard your own opinion. If you go against yourself, break your uniqueness and don't accept yourself for who you are, failure will destroy you. Happiness lies in accepting your inner world, your needs, and your desires. Learn how you want.

16. Optimism.A familiar and familiar thing can be interpreted in different ways. For a pessimist, the glass is always half empty. And so in everything. Learn to notice positive details. Turning familiar little things into good opportunities is easy. It is enough to look at everything through the prism of optimism.

17. Justified Risks. The universe is telling you with all its might that your life is about to change and you are afraid of changes? You shouldn't be afraid of them. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will emerge victorious in a game, but if you hide and postpone opportunities you will never be able to figure out what it could be. Remember, with an optimistic approach, all doors will open before you.

18. A fairy tale for adults.Since childhood, we have been shown adults who are full of problems, they are serious and gloomy. At first we were afraid of them and now we are afraid to be happy. Happiness is not determined by social status, just as happiness does not depend on money. Successful people are not afraid to act like children and live in the moment that they may not fit into the usual framework. However, this is the only way to a happy life.