What is Nazbol

What is National Bolshevism?

A lot of people have a problem with my political views here, so I wanted to ask why.

First of all, I am NOT a supporter of racist ideologies like Whitesupramacy or Neo-Nazism. I do NOT believe that certain people are worth more because of their origins.

I was criticized for my statements about the left spectrum, especially about comunism. The reason why I wrote what I wrote is because I do not see communism positively because many communist acts violate human rights and for a lot of poverty has taken care of.

I can't really understand many other things, such as that it is supposedly racist to ask where a person comes from. I have a Russian first name and am always asked if I'm Russian. But I don't think that's bad at all. Or something like that



My criticism is directed at the violence emanating from BLM such as arson, looting and even murders such as Jessica Dothy-whitaker or the police officer David Dorn. Of course, I am in favor of equal rights for all people regardless of their ethnic group.

Black supramacy

This also has something to do with my criticism of BLM as many of them are followers of this ideology, and this ideology, like Whitesupramacy, is too deeply racist

Racism against whites and racism from non-whites

A lot of my critics believe that I justify racism by listing racially motivated violent crimes against whites or the Thai in Bremen, but this is not the case, I am just trying to draw attention to one problem. And I wanted to say the news about racist Motivated violence in the media only occurs frequently if it fits into their worldview. If the violence comes from fulan extremists or from blacksupramacy supporters, it does not appear in the media.

Racism in itself

As I said, I am NOT a friend of racism, regardless of whether it is Hutupower, Fulani extremism, neo-national socialism or anything else

Sympathy with Gadaffi

I think Gadaffi is the best head of state in the world


Sympathy for the AFD

I think many of the AFD's points of view are quite good


I think it's ridiculous that Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize because he illegally killed so many civilians with drones and opened illegal Blakackite prisons for all US presidents except Trump

How do you like my political opinions?