What makes a regular customer valuable

5 tips for the regular customer business

As an entrepreneur, you not only make yourself less dependent on new customers when you accelerate business with regular customers. You can also do yours Boost sales significantly.

Customer loyalty should be a matter for the boss.

Because the loyalty of regular customers leads according to one Study by the Aberdeen Group to an average increase in turnover of 20 percent and profit increases of up to 50 percent. The loyalty of regular customers can only work if entrepreneurs actively participate in shaping the framework conditions.

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Tip 1: give priority to regular customers

Pay enough attention to your regular customers - their jobs are faster, easier and more lucrative than new customer business. So develop your customer relationship into a partnership and involve the customer.

Ask specific questions - for example during chats in the fireplace or in special creative workshops: What suggestions does the customer have for improvement and further development? What special requests does he have? And why is he working with you right now?

Tip 2: plan time for regular customers

Determine how much time the employees in sales should spend on whom - for example 60 percent for regular customers and 40 percent for new customers. Develop your own sales strategy for regular customers that takes into account their real needs. Look after your regular customers personally throughout the entire customer cycle - from the first inquiry to the after-sales service of the last order.

Tip 3: variable remuneration for regular customer business

Employee profit sharing is not only worthwhile with new customers, but also with regular customers. Three criteria have proven their worth for the variable remuneration model:

  • the sales component, i.e. a sales-related profit sharing
  • the performance component, when the account manager expands the range of services for the customer and thus achieves stronger customer loyalty in addition to higher sales
  • the income component when the account manager makes the processes more efficient and thus more profitable.

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Tip 4: process feedback carefully

Nobody knows your products as well as your regular customers. That is why their feedback is particularly valuable for the continuous development of your company. Bring all complaints and customer opinions together - for example at an independent service point. Derive improvement measures from this and inform the customer that his suggestion has been taken up.

Tip 5: clearly define processes

Integrate regular customer care as a continuous and active process in the company. Establish success and quality characteristics for the individual process steps with your employees and measure the results - for example the proportion of personal, telephone and written communication.

For example, make sure that regular development discussions are held with regular customers and that employees develop new orders based on customer inquiries.


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