Which is the most prestigious Apache Spark certification

Apache SparkTM and Databricks in comparison

Apache Spark features are fast, easy to use, have many benefits, and include APIs that support a variety of use cases:
  • Data integration and ETL
  • Interactive analysis
  • Machine learning and advanced analytics
  • Data processing in real time

Databricks is based on Spark and also offers:
  • Extremely reliable and powerful data pipelines
  • Productive data science, regardless of the amount of data

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Function comparison

Running multiple versions of SparkYesNo
Integrated file system optimized for access to cloud storage (AWS S3, Redshift, Azure Blob)YesNo
Data pools without server dependency for the automatic configuration of resources for SQL and Python workloadsYesNo
Precise resource allocation integrated into Spark for optimal useYesNo
Fault isolation of computing resourcesYesNo
Faster writing of data to S3YesNo
Computation optimization for connections and filtersYesNo
Fast release cyclesYesNo
Automatic scaling of calculationsYesNo
Automatic scaling of local storageYesNo
High availability for clustersYesNo
Cluster share for several usersYesNo
Automatic migration between spot and on-demand instancesYesNo
Billing down to the secondYesNo
ACID transactionsYesNo
Schema managementYesNo
Support of read / write access for batch / streaming applicationsYesNo
Versioning of dataYesNo
Performance optimizationsYesNo
Interactive notebooks with support for several programming languages ​​(SQL, Python, R and Scala)YesNo
Real-time collaborationYesNo
Revision history and GitHub integration for notebooksYesNo
One-click visualizationsYesNo
Publication of notebooks as interactive dashboardsYesNo
Alerts for monitored jobs in SparkYesNo
One-click provisioning of notebooks for Spark jobsYesNo
APIs for developing workflows in notebooksYesNo
Production streaming with monitoringYesNo
Access control for notebooks, clusters, jobs and structured dataYesNo
Audit logsYesNo
SSO with SAML 2.0 supportYesNo
Data encryption (during storage and transmission)YesNo
Compliance (HIPAA, SOC 2 type 2)YesNo
Connection of other BI tools via authenticated ODBC / JDBC (Tableau, Looker, etc.)YesNo
Connectors for data sourcesYesNo
Help and support from the programmers who develop SparkYesNo
SQL supportYesNo

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