What will you never understand

You will never understand

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Documentation / 2003 / 52min
Editor: Anja Salomonowitz
Cast: Gertrude Rogenhofer, Hanka Jassy, ​​Margit Kohlhauser
Language & subtitles: German original version with English subtitles
Anja Salomonowitz portrays three women from her family who were almost girls during the Nazi era. All three played a key role in her upbringing. They stood on different sides, present the story differently today: Hanka Jassy, ​​her great-aunt, survived Auschwitz. Gertrude Rogenhofer, her nanny, was a socialist and supported her uncle in the resistance. Margit Kohlhauser, the grandmother, lived in Graz during the war. She did what most did there: nothing. The filmmaker confronts herself and her family members with the different memories. She asks questions and, when she puts her grandmother in the picture, is just as much a granddaughter as she is descendants of survivors.

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