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How two students want to support the local grocery trade

Delivering fresh and local food to everyone - this is how you could describe the idea of ​​the two Würzburg students Marius Lüke and Maximilian Hellfaier in a nutshell. They now want to set up their own business with their own startup. The two of them owe their idea to their semesters abroad in the Far East.

“We often hear, 'Ah, you're a new delivery service again,'” says Hellfaier. But he doesn't want to leave it like that. The delivery is part of your startup. But they see themselves more as a piece of the puzzle in a local production and supply chain. “It's about good food here, about efficient resources. About that no food is wasted or long delivery routes are necessary. "

Feed like nuts

Hellfaier and his partner, Marius Lüke, are both economics students at the Julius Maximilians University (JMU) in Würzburg. In the meantime they have founded the “Maamas” UG, employ their first employee and have also found cooperation partners for their startup. The name Maamas should be an allusion to the first names of the two - and remind a bit of the good food at mother's.

The concept: Customers can order groceries and have them delivered via the app. These are seasonal and from the area, come in portion size and as fresh as possible. The whole thing is delivered by escooter in the Würzburg city area. For this, Hellfaier and Lüke have already been able to win the escooter provider Zeus as a partner, who is already providing rentable scooters in the city. The food comes from small partner companies: the team is in contact with farmers, bakeries and butchers from the city and district of Würzburg, some of whom are already on board.

Tools thanks to studies and a semester abroad

Hellfaier and Lüke acquired the tools for their startup during their studies: “We already have knowledge of business administration. And that's a very good basis, ”says Hellfaier. The two were particularly inspired by their semester abroad, which they spent in Asia. Lüke spent six months in Seoul, South Korea, and Hellfaier studied in Beijing, China.

“Our idea is based on comparable offers from Asia. The hyper-local offer is much more widespread there than here, ”explains Lüke. He also emphasizes the variety and the range of low-threshold technology: For example, easily accessible information, paying by mobile phone or many apps for everyday use.

But they both have their semester abroad positively remembered not only because of their enthusiasm for technology. It was also the impetus to develop something new ourselves: "Asia was a bit like a parallel world," says Hellfaier. “The cultural exchange is simply important to get ahead at home. You see so many new things that you don't have at home. And that just does something to you. ”The two of them then came up with the idea to set up a business in Germany, while sharing their experiences.

Test phase from March

It is already clear for the two students: Maamas is their future after completing their bachelor's degree. The team is currently in the test phase. The first contracts with suppliers have been signed, now the task is to build up the infrastructure with the Zeus scooters and optimize delivery routes. If you want to support the team and test the offer in the coming weeks, you can register at https://maamas.de/beta/.