Where and how is advertising used

Promotion plan: The sense and purpose for the self-employed

The term marketing stands for the offensive conversion of ideas, services and goods on the market into income. As a rule, the term is also equated with marketing by companies, associations or individuals. A distinguishing feature can be that, in the usual understanding, marketing activities are seen more in a monetary context, while the complex relationships between providers and customers are ascribed to "marketing". In any case, both terms include media, multipliers and partners in the marketing process as well as incentives to make certain offers marketable in the first place.

Object of marketing

The subject of marketing is not only products and services, but also intellectual achievements such as concepts, patents, media formats, events or works of art, as well as ideal values ​​such as history, nature, traditions or lifestyle. Everything that can achieve a price or consideration in the market is usually also marketed.

Forms of Marketing

The forms of marketing correspond in principle to the "4 P" of marketing, ie marketing according to aspects of the product, price, placement and promotion. Usually these forms form a unit in the marketing mix. All other "P" that have been added over time can also be traced back in some form to the "4 P". However, some processes have become so important that they can also determine the type of marketing strategy. For example, the development of tourist regions is often linked to a representation of interests in politics (“Politics”), and “Public Voice”, ie the positive presentation of offers in communities and blogs, supports good marketing in the expanding Internet sales channel.