Why is a strawberry not a berry

Why aren't strawberries berries?

The currant, the lingonberry, the blueberry and even the banana, the tomato and the pumpkin are real berries. Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, on the other hand, bind us to a bear because they are not berries. And why that is so, let's take a closer look.

Scar, stylus, knot

The seed of a fruit is surrounded by the pericarp, botanically called pericarp, which is nothing more than what we commonly call pulp. The word comes from the Greek word "karpus", which means fruit. It develops from the carpel of a flower, which is located in its center above the flower base and is divided from top to bottom into stigma, style and ovary.

Endo, meso, exo

The pericarp is in turn divided into three layers. An inner one, called the endocarp, a middle one (mesocarp) and an outer one (exocarp). In some plants, the inner layer of the pericarp is lignified. For example with the cherry. That is why one speaks of a stone fruit. In contrast, the inner layer of the berries is also soft. In addition, berries usually have several seeds. When all three layers of the pericarp are lignified, it is called a nut.

Swollen floor

The raspberry and blackberry are collective stone fruits. A raspberry or blackberry consists of several small stone fruits. In the strawberry, the pulp is not a pericarp with three layers, but the swollen flower base on which many small nuts sit, the actual fruit with three lignified layers of the pericarp. This is why the strawberry is also known as a shamberry or a common nut fruit.