What makes a good blog post

What's a really good blog post? [+ Video]

If you write regularly, as we do, at some point you have probably asked yourself what makes a really good blog post. In the last few days I have analyzed 182 articles on our blog and came to more or less amazing results.

Read in this post how you can recognize a really good blog post.

Good blog posts keep getting longer

Compared to our first posts, our current blog posts seem extremely long. We used to be satisfied with 300 words, today our best contributions are all over 1,000 words long.

I have the same experience on other content marketing blogs. I think that is mainly due to the fact that, due to the large number of blogs, you can only stand out through quality.

  • Tip: Keep writing until you have covered your topic in detail, but don't steal anyone's time.

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They are not product-heavy

You can recognize a good blog post by the fact that it addresses the interests and problems of the reader. If you look at various business blogs, this is unfortunately hardly, or actually never, the case. The contributions are very product-heavy: "We are so great. Our product is the best." I sometimes wonder if these blogs are written just for the company itself.

Of course, product descriptions are also justified, but first and foremost you should offer your customers solutions. Find out what the biggest challenge for your "dream customer" is!

  • Tip: Start with a Buyer Persona Description and create content that really moves your target audience.

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There is a link to good blog posts

If your post is particularly good and contains a lot of useful information, other websites will link to it. Backlinks are still a reliable indicator of whether a blog post is working well. However, this takes time and not all backlinks are the same.

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Get attention on social media

Good posts also get a lot of reactions on social networks. The publishing function of LinkedIn works particularly well for us, where we regularly receive thousands of visits.

In general, however, you will reach fewer and fewer people on social media if you do not place advertising. We found that especially on Facebook.

  • Tip: Take a small budget (€ 200) on hand and advertise your three best contributions.

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Deliver good numbers

We use the following key figures to measure the quality on our blog:

1. Visits

We get a lot of traffic from our best blog posts. The aforementioned article about the Buyer Persona Guide brought us more than 9,000 visits! For that to be possible, the blog must be optimized for both the reader and Google.

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2. Leads

Lots of visitors are great, but we prefer contact addresses. This is the only way we can start a marketing process. We therefore offer content at the end of our blog posts that you can only get in exchange for an email address.

  • Tip: We receive most of the leads with downloads that match the content of the blog post.

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3. Length of stay

A helpful indicator of whether your posts are actually being read is the length of stay. You can easily read this on Google Analytics. Posts with a long dwell time show you which topics your readers are most interested in.

  • Tip: We achieve the maximum length of stay with how-to articles.

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In this video you will learn which 15 steps you should follow as a business in order to be able to succeed with your blog:


Not so often, but better

The largest survey of business bloggers shows that not only is the quality of blog posts increasing, but also that the frequency of blog posts is decreasing again.

“Most bloggers publish WAY too often. The fact is, no one cares how often or how consistently you publish blog posts. The only consistency that matters is quality: if you bat 1,000 with quality, you don’t need to worry about frequency. " - Brian Dean, backlinko

When we started blogging, HubSpot advised us to write at least twice a week. Better still more often. We're still pursuing this goal, but if we don't make it, let's not just publish something - the article won't appear until next week. Our reader deserves quality.

  • Tip: Better to have one really good contribution per week than two mediocre ones.

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I hope you found this post helpful. As promised, here is another free download: