Why is influencer marketing important

9 reasons / advantages of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has long been an integral part of the modern marketing mix and more and more companies are aware of the advantages that this form of marketing brings with it. Influencer Marketing offers one Variety of benefits compared to other advertising measures. especially the precise definition of the target group makes influencer marketing so interesting for companies. We have the nine decisive advantages summarized and explain why companies should definitely rely on influencer marketing in social networks.

Why influencer marketing?

Social media is her passion, social networks her home: Influencer. You are in direct contact with your followers and take on the role of oneExperts | in their subject area. Influencers don't just advertise a product, they package it in Storiesthat for high Range and look authentic at the same time.

That is why influencer marketing is content marketing at it's best.

Influencers are considered credible role modelswhose recommendations can be trusted. Products and brands that the influencer “likes” quickly end up in the followers' shopping cart, as the current BVDW study shows. Influencer marketing thus has a direct effect on the purchasing behavior of the target group - one of the most important reasons that speak for this form of advertising.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

  1. Range: A successful influencer has a high number of followers and sometimes reaches up to millions of people with his postings. Recommendations from influencers have a major impact on the target group. In combination with video seeding, this marketing effect can even be increased.
  2. Accuracy: A suitable influencer can be found for every niche. It doesn't always have to be the big players in the industry; micro influencers in particular can reach the desired target group with authentic content.
  3. Low cost: In contrast to the best-known influencers in the industry, campaigns with micro influencers can be implemented with a small marketing budget. Another advantage of working together is measuring the success of such campaigns.
  4. Relationships: Influencers are nothing more than brand ambassadors. Therefore, choosing the right influencer should be chosen carefully. The most successful campaigns are those based on a good relationship between influencer and customer or agency.
  5. Channels: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram - influencer marketing can take place via a wide variety of social media channels. Depending on the campaign and objectives, the same applies here: planning is everything.
  6. Storytelling: Successful influencer marketing relies on authentic content that is packaged in exciting stories. This not only arouses emotions about the brand, but also generates interactions. That is why influencer marketing can also be described as a form of content marketing. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten: Advertising is advertising and must also be marked as such in social media postings.
  7. creativity: An influencer should get a briefing that summarizes the key points of the campaign, but should allow sufficient creative freedom in the design of the content. This is the only way to create stories that are real and convincing - and thanks to their long reach, ensure great engagement.
  8. Personally: It doesn't always have to be “external” influencers. Suitable candidates can also be found in your own company who can advertise with particularly high credibility on social networks.
  9. success: According to industry experts, the successful course of influencer marketing is far from over. Quite the opposite: In addition to the best-known companies from fashion, beauty and food, more and more industries are following suit and relying on influencer marketing as a form of advertising in the field of social media.

Why is it worth it?

There are many good reasons for companies to use influencer marketing. Influencers increase the interaction with the advertised brand or the advertised product, address the desired target group with authentic content and thus have a lasting effect on increased demand.

You can already do that with large ranges on a small budget and achieve measurable success - decisive advantages when planning a marketing strategy. With the right influencer marketing agency at your side, tailor-made influencer campaigns are planned, implemented and successfully celebrated.