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    The shape of the solitaire ring was developed in 1886 by the jewelry company Tiffany & Co. Before that, blue sapphires were the typical stones for engagement rings, as blue was considered the symbolic color of loyalty. An example of this is Lady Diana's engagement ring, which now belongs to Kate Middleton.
    The solitaire ring from Tiffany, however, had such a resounding success that it quickly established itself as a classic engagement ring. The special setting of the diamond in the solitaire ring is called Tiffany Setting.

    What does a solitaire ring look like?

    One of the reasons for the popularity of solitaire rings (also spelled solitaire rings) is that the diamonds are particularly accentuated by the special type of setting. The gemstone was attached to the ring in its original form with the help of six prongs (metal stumps). This mount is called a prong setting, but is also known as the claw setting. This describes their appearance very aptly; the stone is held as if by claws.
    It is thus visible in its entire size, unlike, for example, the frame setting, in which part of the stone is hidden and only its top can be seen.
    The incidence of light is correspondingly high with the prong setting. The rays of light can illuminate the diamond not only from above but also from the sides, thereby maximizing its sparkle and brilliance. Nowadays it does not matter in principle how many prongs hold the stone with the solitaire ring.
    The name solitaire ring is derived from the French word solitaire (German: hermit, loner) and comes from the fact that the ring is usually only adorned with a precious stone - usually a diamond. He symbolizes the uniqueness of the loved one.
    In the classic solitaire ring, the diamond has a brilliant cut, the most popular and widespread shape of the cut. With it, the fire and shine inherent in the diamond come into their own.
    The ring band of the solitaire ring is usually made of platinum or white gold, as the colors underline the timeless elegance of the sparkling diamond.

    Variations of the classic solitaire ring

    There are also variations on the classic solitaire ring. Not only the brilliant cut is suitable for an engagement ring, a diamond in the shape of a heart is appropriate for the occasion.
    At RENÉSIM we also offer solitaire rings in princess cut, emerald cut, Asscher cut, marquise cut, oval cut, radiant cut, pear cut and cushion cut.
    Each of these different types has its own associations of meanings: the marquise cut, for example, is said to have got its name from the fact that it was the French King Louis XVI. reminded of the smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour.
    Apart from the classic variant in platinum or white gold, we of course also offer the solitaire ring in yellow gold and rose gold.