Do sociopaths love their family members

How it feels to love a “sociopath”.

What it's like to love a sociopath.

What is a sociopath? Sociopaths are more than what you see on the news. They're not just rapists or serial killers. They can be more than that and can also be around you without you really noticing, it can be a family member, a friend, your work colleague or someone you think is your soulmate.

All you have to do is take a look behind her mask. That's also the hardest part, because they are often well-groomed, mannered, charming, and can be incredibly loving. It is a complex personality disorder that goes hand in hand with compulsive lying and manipulation.

Being in love with a sociopath will never end well. It will destroy you and exhaust you to the core, leave you hurt and broken, and make you into someone who no longer trusts anyone. Being in a relationship is about more than just having fun, loving one another, and enjoying each other's company. It's about being honest and open about your true feelings, respecting one another and creating a special bond that you don't have with anyone else, reaching a level in which the dark parts of a personality are also loved and not just the good parts of a human.

You can't have a relationship like that with a sociopath because she based on deceit and liesHe's trying to create in your head all the time. It will make you doubt yourself and numb your self-esteem. He will make you believe that he is all you have and make you break off contact with anyone who can influence you.

The sociopath will make you have the best time of your life. Your world would change quickly with him in it and light up brightly at first. He would just say the right things and do exactly the right things. Be the knight with the shining armor, always cast a spell on you and yourself. You are the first he loves immortally and without you his life would have no more meaning and he would create images in your head that are nothing other than fantasies that will live forever in your head and never find a way into reality Find.

I had the experience with a sociopath and I can tell you at least it was wonderful at the beginning. I had never experienced such a burst of emotion before. It was wonderful. But it also left so many questions unanswered when he left me. He made me break off contact with people who were important to me. I had to distance myself from all my friends.

He made my world revolve around him as if he were the sun and he made me feel that all I needed was him. He went deep into my soul and implanted the thought that only he was important. And whenever I was with him he made me feel like a princess, nothing was more perfect than being next to him.

But this fantasy has collapsed. There were times when he talked to me around the clock and then there were times when he completely ignored me. Sometimes he was gone for hours and when I asked him where he was, a lame excuse came up because he knew I wasn't going to ask any further. After all, it was important to me that he was back at all. I am ashamed to admit today that he wrapped me around his little one whenever it suited him, I was just under his spell and didn't really have a chance at the time.

He talked to me sometimes like I was worthless and in the next moment, he gave me the sweetest excuse I had ever heard and my heart melted instantly. He knew of its effect on me, he had the upper hand. He made me feel like he was the trophy and it should be my job to keep it. He made me feel like I owed him something for dating someone who wasn't enough. I sometimes felt that everything that went wrong was my fault and that I had to constantly justify and apologize.

Somehow I was never good enough, I never loved enough, never gave him enough, was never brave enough, I was just worthless to him. In retrospect, I always wondered how someone who looks like an angel, acts like an angel in front of others and speaks like an angel and smiles at me like an angel, be such a devil inside.

Loving a sociopath is difficult if not impossible. They'll keep telling you that they love you, but only because they want to see if you still love them. That's because she needs you to be able to love herself. And your love for them is important so that they can keep you under control. They are cruel predators because they love to play with their prey.

The truth is, what you've experienced with a sociopath is really just a reflection of love for yourself. But this reflection only shows you what you want to see. And when the illusion fades you see what they really are and at that point your relationship with a sociopath will lose its perfection.

What I did and what was the only right thing to do is break off contact with him and everyone who is in contact with him and start my life again from scratch. It took me, but I succeeded. Today I know what it means to hug the devil and dance with him for a long time. And it's true what they say, the devil doesn't change, he changes you. You can get my book here.

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