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Marriage and partnership

For information on getting married in Hong Kong, visit the Hong Kong Immigration Department website.

Marriage register

The apostilled Hong Kong marriage certificate is sufficient to prove a marriage in Hong Kong. For information on the apostille process, see How to Obtain Hong Kong Documents and the Apostille.

In addition, you can voluntarily apply for a fee-based registration in a German marriage register. After registration, the registry office can issue a German marriage certificate at any time.From November 1, 2017, the registry office of the last German place of residence will be responsible for processing. The registry office I Berlin only then if there has never been a place of residence in Germany.

If such an entry is desired, the application can be made through the Consulate General.

For this purpose, please prepare the following documents in original with two copies each:

  • completed application
  • Marriage certificate (possibly with apostille and German translation)
  • Passports of both spouses
  • Birth certificates of both spouses (possibly with apostille or legalization and German translation)
  • if a spouse was previously married / partnered: Proof of previous marriage (s) / partnership (s) and their dissolution (with German translation if necessary)

This list is based on empirical values ​​and is not exhaustive. The responsible registry office can request the submission of further documents in individual cases. The respective authority decides at its own discretion whether a translation produced abroad can be used in Germany. If a translation by a translator sworn and recognized in Germany is also required, you will find a translator database of the state justice administrations at

Further information on translation agencies in Germany can also be found at the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ).

All documents are sent to the responsible registry office in the form of certified photocopies forwarded.

The latter can be certified by us on presentation of the originals including their photocopies. We therefore ask you to sign the application when you come to see us all documents to be submitted in the original with 2 photocopies each to submit. You will receive the originals back, a set of the simple photocopies will remain in our files.

A declaration of the married name can also be submitted as part of the marriage registration.

If a married name is determined, both spouses have to come in person and sign the application.

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The following apply to the diplomatic mission abroad fees at:

  • for authentication of signatures EUR 20 or EUR 25 if a name declaration is submitted
  • 10 EUR for the certification of photocopies

All fees are payable in cash in HKD.

The certification of the marriage by the competent German registry office is also subject to a fee.

Fees and expenses for the entry in the marriage register and the issuance of marriage certificates are charged by the competent registry office in accordance with the respective state law. The notarization takes place only after prepayment, the applicants receive a corresponding notification with the necessary account details. The processing time depends on the responsible registry office. The diplomatic missions abroad have no influence on this.

Divorce and alimony

1. Requirement of recognition

According to the regulations of international law, the divorce is only effective in the state in which it took place. In German law, a marriage of a German national that has been dissolved by divorce abroad is still considered to exist.

The foreign decision only becomes effective for the German legal area after it has been recognized by the competent German authority (generally the state judicial administration) (cf. B. a renewed marriage is only possible if the notification of recognition is available.

Formal recognition can only be dispensed with if:

  • a marriage was dissolved by a court or an authority of the state to which both spouses belonged exclusively at the time of the divorce ("proprietary right decision")
  • the divorce took place in a member state of the EU (except Denmark) after 01.03.2001 (or after the accession of the respective member state).

2. Recognition procedure

Recognition takes place only on application.

Eligible to apply is:

  • each of the affected spouses,
  • any person who demonstrates a legal interest in clarifying the status issue (e.g. fiancée, future spouse, heir).

For the decision on the application, the locally responsible German authority - depending on the applicant's income, the importance of the matter for the applicant and the administrative effort - charges a fee of between EUR 15 and EUR 305. The German diplomatic mission only incurs fees for the certification of the photocopies of the documents accompanying the application.

The Jurisdiction processing of the application depends on the place of residence of the former spouse at the time of the application. The application for recognition of a foreign divorce must be submitted to the regional justice administration or the higher regional court in whose federal state or district one of the divorced spouses has his habitual residence.

If none of the spouses resides in the federal territory, but a new marriage is to be concluded in Germany, the local jurisdiction depends on the place of the planned marriage.

In addition, the Senate Department for Justice in Berlin (Salzburger Strasse 21-25, D-10825 Berlin) is responsible.

Application forms are available at the German registry offices and diplomatic missions abroad as well as online.

The application form can also be found at the Senate Department for Justice and Consumer Protection under the following link.

3. Documents to be submitted (in each case in the original with 2 photocopies)

  • fully completed application for recognition
  • Marriage certificate of the divorced marriage (possibly with apostille or legalization)
  • Proof of the applicant's citizenship (e.g. passport)
  • Proof of income of the applicant
  • Birth certificates of any minor children of the applicant to whom he is obliged to pay maintenance
  • Written power of attorney if the application is made by an authorized representative
    in the event of divorce by court decision:
  • Divorce judgment of the Lower People's Court, if possible with the facts and reasons for the decision, as well as a final note
  • Applicant's marriage book
    in the case of an official divorce ("mutual divorce"):
  • Divorce Dispute Document
  • Divorce book of the applicant (certificate of divorce from the registration authority)

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