Is buffalo a cow

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The yak is a particularly robust and frugal type of cattle from the Himalayas. It is insensitive to extreme cold and strong winds, which is why it is also kept in Mongolia and the Gobi Desert. Yaks have long, dense body hair. The wild yak is the largest cattle species. Yak bulls can weigh up to 1200 kg. The wild yak is critically endangered. In addition to grass and herbs, yaks also eat lichen and moss and even mushrooms. In the highlands of Tibet, where yaks have the place for our domestic cattle, there are no more lush meadows. House yaks are kept as carriers and draft animals and are still irreplaceable for people in the high mountain regions of the Himalayas. The milk from the yak cows and the milk products made from it are also indispensable here. The diet of the Tibetans would be unimaginable without the frugal yak. In winter, surplus yaks are slaughtered and their meat is eaten.

Water buffalo

Water buffalo are domesticated species of various Asian wild buffalo. Their relationship with our cows is somewhat more extensive than with the yak and zebu. Water buffalo can sweat poorly even though they are animals of the hot tropics. They need water or mud to wallow. Buffalo spend a lot of time in the molehill to cool off and to cleanse their skin of parasites. Water buffalo have large ears (shift picture 2), little hair and particularly wide claws (picture 1). They are optimally adapted to their habitat and hardly sink into the swampy terrain.
From Southeast Asia to Southern Europe and Africa, the Asian water buffalo are kept as pets. There are also African buffalos, but they have not been domesticated.

Milk buffalo or workhorse

There are different types of water buffalo, namely the swamp buffalo and the river buffalo. Swamp buffalo are used as work animals for plowing in the rice terraces of Southeast Asia. Milk as a food was alien here, which is why the swamp buffalo were never bred for milk production. River buffalo were domesticated in India and Pakistan and were used for milk production from the beginning. As with our cows, there are real milk buffalo breeds. River buffalo are also kept in tropical Africa for their milk and in Italy for making mozzarella.