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DoFollow or NoFollow - How do you link correctly?

Again and again I receive inquiries from agencies and companies - some small, but also large - who would like to cooperate with me and my blog. I am always very happy about that because I enjoy working with companies. Unfortunately, after the initial euphoria, disillusionment often follows very quickly. Because sooner or later the infamous “DoFollow” link appears all too often as a mandatory requirement. But unlike some other bloggers, I'm not participating! In cooperations, I only link with NoFollow. Point.

Am I exotic in this regard? Sometimes it feels like that to me. Too many bloggers are tempted by the money or the consideration in the form of a service or in kind and they respond to it. Some people may not even be aware of what they are doing. Some just don't care. Sometimes it just annoys me personally. Because it leads to the fact that many companies and agencies still practice this practice of building backlinks. Google has long since declared war on this undesired backlink sale.

Any blogger who accepts such an offer should be aware that he is directing it Violates Google's guidelines. If the search engine giant gets wind of this, it can lead to severe penalties with regard to the rankings.

Imagine that overnight nobody would find you on the Google search engine. Would your traffic numbers take it? Google is and remains the biggest search engine that brings the most traffic to many bloggers.

The whole problem arose in the past when SEO optimization primarily meant building backlinks. During this time there was a brisk business of buying and selling links with the aim of improving the ranking of search engines.


Google declares war on ranking manipulation

In October 2014, Google declared war on this very practice and announced the end of the publication of the Page Rank. Internally, however, this still plays an important role and backlinks also still have an important influence on this ranking.

Since then, however, Google has clearly requested all webmasters and website operators in its guidelines to set up links that can influence the PageRank or the ranking of a website and for which a consideration in the form of money, goods or services has been given with the attribute NoFollow.


It doesn't matter whether I like it or not. Google announced it that way and that's why it's just the way it is.

What does the NoFollow attribute mean?

A link marked with NoFollow signals to the Googlebot that it should not follow the link and that its own PageRank should not be inherited. All links not marked with NoFollow are automatically DoFollow links. These correspond to real, not bought recommendations and have a positive influence on the ranking of the corresponding page. The NoFollow tag ultimately simply serves to differentiate whether it is a real or a purchased (link) recommendation.

If Google detects a website that buys or sells DoFollow links, the corresponding page will be penalized. This penalty can result in being banned from the search index - an almost certain death sentence for most sites.

A purchase or sale of links is only permitted if the NoFollow attribute is used. However, many companies or websites are less interested in the human visitors who find their way to their own website via such a link, than in the DoFollow backlink, which increases PageRank.

But in my opinion, this is absolutely short-sighted. As soon as Google finds out - and the Internet giant is constantly working on improving the corresponding algorithms for tracking down such black sheep - this approach will take revenge. Interflora (2013) and Expedia (2014) are two more prominent examples of this. Incidentally, not only the companies themselves were punished in this context, but also all sites and blogs that have sold unauthorized links to these websites!

Did you know, that there is even a direct input mask on the part of Google, on which such pages can be reported very easily?

Do you want to take the risk that one of your competitors will report you tomorrow?

My advice: don't do it.

No way.

Link in cooperations in which a consideration has flowed, exclusively with NoFollow!

Will you earn less with it? Yes!

Will there be competitors who still link DoFollow? Clear!

But in the long run this will pay off for you. Sooner or later, Google will penalize such links. The company has access to enormous computing power and resources. It has been doing deep learning using neural networks for years. And the algorithms for tracking down website violations are getting better every day.

Ask yourself: is it worth the risk?

I do not presume to give a general answer to that. I have decided that purchased DoFollow links are out of the question for me personally. I am happy to explain to every inquiring company anew why I act according to this principle. I don't know if that will change anything. Most Solhcer companies just move on and turn to another blog. That's life. I can live with it (now) well.

How do bloggers feel about this topic?

Even bloggers who sell DoFollow links ultimately not only harm themselves, but also the entire industry or blogger scene, which is collectively discredited.

I also found a recent discussion among bloggers on this topic in a Facebook group exciting. It is amazing how many bloggers attack you immediately if you are critical of this topic. What if one or the other doesn't feel trodden on the tie ?! Little mouse, ick listen to you trapping!

What does google say

Such discussions can be quite exhausting at times. Ultimately, everyone has to know what they are doing for themselves. For my part, I stick to the facts given by Google - whether I like them or not. And Google clearly writes on this matter:


… as:


Notice to companies

Companies and agencies that ask me for a cooperation based on DoFollow linking despite a clear indication on my cooperation page, I would like to ask them to reconsider their plans.

A correctly placed link strengthens the trust and credibility of my publications and thus also the importance of my published opinion about your company. Basically, this is a slightly SEO-relevant, but against Google guidelines violating and at the same time risky link a link that will last for a long time, that brings you visitors and from which both sides benefit.

Ultimately, selling DoFollow links will hurt both sides in the long run!


If, as a blogger, you have received something in return for setting a link, then there is only one correct procedure for linking - setting the NoFollow attribute! In the short term, you may be able to earn more selling DoFollow, but in the long term you should ask yourself whether it is worth the risk of one day being removed from the index by Google.

For my part, I think it's not!

The same also applies, of course, to companies. Are you sure you want to run the risk of being penalized by Google for doing this at some point? Is it worth it to push a ranking in the short term?


What is a DoFollow Link?

Any link not tagged with NoFollow is a DoFollow link. The “DoFollow” is not set explicitly.

What is a No Follow Link?

A NoFollow link contains the rel = ”NoFollow attribute within the declaration.

Example: Google

<a href=”https://www.google.de” rel=”NoFollow”>Google</a>

The attribute can be set manually or using plug-in support. It instructs the Google Bot not to follow the linked page and not to inherit the PageRank of the linked page.

Which type of link do you use and when?

Whenever you have received something in return for setting a link in a cooperation (financial, material or service), i.e. you have not set the link of your own free will without the intervention of a third party, the link should be tagged NoFollow!

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And what is your opinion on the subject? Selling DoFollow links or sticking to Google's guidelines?