What caliber were old west revolvers

No other technical device has shaped the Wild West as much as the firearm. It was part of everyday life for the Mountain Men, the settlers and the cowboys like a completely normal tool. A disgust for weapons, as was the case in Europe, where usually only the government of one country had power over the arsenal, was unknown to the people in the Wild West. Everyone had and still has the right to carry or own a weapon. In the Wild West, the weapon was an indispensable tool for gathering food and defending against bandits and robbers.

A revolver or a rifle was considered a tool, like an ax or a hammer. It wasn't until the gunslinger era came that the image of firearms changed. Due to the improvement of the technology, a much higher accuracy was possible. Many men became famous thanks to their weapons because they used them to kill other men in more or less fair duels. Now the gun was a symbol of heroism and admiration.

The best-known weapons, which are also known from many Hollywood films, were the Colt revolver and the bolt action rifle, Winchester brand. However, there were also a number of older weapon systems that are known at least by name. For example, the Pennsylvania or Kentucky rifle was a famous flintlock weapon. The Hawken Rifle, one of the percussion weapons, was also a famous weapon. The Sharp Rifle, the Henry Rifle, the Spencer Rifle and the Deringer are also famous names from this period.