Why is homophobia dangerous

Homophobia is still a problem

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More and more gays and lesbians in Belgium are complaining about discrimination. In the past year, 125 cases were reported to the Center for Equal Opportunities, Unia.

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This increased the number by 40 percent within five years. There were complaints about violent attacks, but also about discrimination in the housing market and hate speech on the Internet.

According to Unia, the increase in the number of reported cases does not necessarily mean an increase in homophobia, but is also related to a greater awareness of the problem. According to Unia Director Patrick Charlier, there is still a long way to go from broad acceptance of the so-called Holebis in our society.

In addition to physical and verbal violence, it is often more subtle forms of discrimination that homosexuals struggle with. Unia director Else Keystman thinks primarily of discrimination against customers and tenants. Some do not get an apartment because of their sexuality. Or taxi and bus drivers who verbally attack their customers because they dislike their sexuality.

There are of course many prejudices on the Internet, but unfortunately it doesn't stop at bad news. Photos are also uploaded where, for example, someone can be seen with a machine gun and the inscription: "All gays should be sent home or sent to prison".

The Unia director also says there are parallels to right-wing currents: In other words, people who are politically right-wing are also increasingly homophobic. It goes so far that they equate homosexuality with pedophilia. This applies, for example, to the right-wing populist association of students Schild & Vrienden, she says.

In theory, most of them have nothing against homosexuals, but as soon as two gays walk past one hand in hand, many of them suddenly have a problem with it. So there still seems to be a need for clarification.

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  1. Because of the "bad rights"! There is one more important group that is missing from the list and that every gay person and some lesbian should be very familiar with! Unfortunately, at least in Merkel-Land, political correctness and the we-all-so-dear-whimpering forbid the naming of these mostly young men who are mostly under testosterone and under sexual pressure. Identifying yourself as gay or lesbian to these gentlemen can be really dangerous.

    Paradoxically, you will find many of the same gentlemen in internet forums, swimming pools, saunas or on motorway parking lots, where they no longer differentiate so precisely between man and woman when choosing their sex partners. And I know what I'm talking about.