Is my diet good for building muscle?

These 5 nutrients are what you need to build muscle

Do you want to build muscle? The key to this is not just the number of hours you sweat in the gym and the weight of iron you lift, but the right sports nutrition - and most importantly, the nutrients you consume. You could do sport all day long, but it only has a real effect if the diet is right, so that on the one hand it allows your muscles to grow and on the other hand it provides you with the energy you need for exertion - and last but not least, it is beneficial for your health. (Also read: No more weight - keep these 3 things in mind with your diet!)

Fortunately, these essential nutrients are found in foods that can be found anywhere and that together make up a rich and effective diet. So if you want to build muscle, focus on the following nutrients. (Also Read: The Most Efficient Workout For Superhero Muscular Arms)

Nutrient # 1: Minerals

The body needs minerals for a wide variety of functions: Potassium is required for muscle contraction and fluid balance, for example. Magnesium also plays an important role for the muscles, for example in the production of protein - and magnesium also supports the immune system. The most important minerals are: zinc, iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. (Also interesting: With these tips you will get rid of the annoying fat on your stomach)

Minerals are also important for strong and resilient bones and teeth, as well as for the conversion of fat into energy and the regulation of body fluids inside and outside the cells. Some foods that have these minerals in them include:

  • flesh

  • Grain

  • fish

  • milk and milkproducts

  • nuts

If you want to build muscle, you not only have to do sport, but above all also have to eat properly.

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Nutrient # 2: proteins

One of the essential nutrients for building muscle! It is one of the three macronutrients that provide calories and energy. The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) point out that protein is the "building block" for muscle mass, which also supports the metabolism. In general, eating less helps you feel fuller, but that food goes to your muscles. You can find proteins in:

  • Beans

  • Eggs

  • Almonds

  • Low fat cheeses

  • Lean meat

  • Poultry (preferably skinless)

  • milk

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Nutrient # 3: fats

Fats have a bad image, but they can be essential to building muscle and, although it sounds counter-intuitive, burning fat. The body needs various fatty acids to perform certain functions, such as absorbing other nutrients. In addition, if we have extra fat in the body and move around, the body can use it effectively and thereby gain energy. (Read Also: How Many Times A Week Should You Exercise For It To Have An Effect)

On the other hand, a high-fat diet increases the cholesterol level, which contributes to the production of growth hormones and thus promotes the development of muscle mass. Some of the high fatty acid foods needed for this are:

  • fish

  • Chia seeds

  • nuts

  • Brussels sprouts

  • avocado

  • olive oil

  • Almonds

Nutrient # 4: carbohydrates

Although carbohydrates are often said to be avoided, they are actually necessary in order to have enough energy during exercise and to keep muscles working better. Here it is only necessary to control consumption just to have enough energy for exercise. (Also Read: These 5 Warm Up Exercises Will Increase Fat Burning And Muscle Building)

It is important not to keep the carbohydrates too low, otherwise you will not have enough energy for the workout and consequently you will not get any results. The best carbohydrate suppliers are:

  • vegetables

  • nuts

  • whole grain products

  • fruit

Nutrient # 5: water

No rehydration drinks, no soda: just water! Not only is it a purely natural fluid dispenser, but it also helps to keep the body and brain awake and to balance the levels of other substances in the body. (Worth reading: How to find the right workout for your body type)

Water helps prevent muscle cells from shrinking, and it also maintains protein synthesis in the body, which is essential for building muscle. Also, remember to control your water intake and keep it in proportion to your physical activity.

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